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15 Signs You Were A Fashion Student

15 Signs You Were A Fashion Student

15 Signs You Were A Fashion Student

Being a fashion student has its ups and downs. From being able to study something that doesn’t always feel like work, to basically having to set up camp in your university studio. The years you spend as a fashion student can be far from glamorous. Here are 15 signs you know you were a fashion student. But its not all bad!

1. You can’t look at a piece of clothing without wondering if you could make it yourself

As a fashion student you soon grow to learn that every penny counts. But that doesn’t stop you from wanting to keep your wardrobe on trend and up to scratch. However when you find those pieces in store or online that have maybe one too many zeros on the price tag, you can’t help but step back and think to yourself, “I could definitely make this myself” and probably for a lot cheaper!

2. You know people probably won’t understand your degree

Every fashion student knows that a fashion degree isn’t simple, unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who just don’t understand what being a fashion student is all about. They might have an understanding for the basics of fashion design (that a sewing machine will probably be involved). But as for any other branches of what you degree entails, a lot of people will be clueless. You tell someone you did a degree in fashion communication and you’ll be bombarded with more questions than you can answer.


3. You know those same people will underestimate you

Those same people who didn’t understand what being a fashion student was to begin with won’t have a clue about what it takes to be a fashion student. From the sheer force and determination, it took you to get through your degree, to the amount of time, effort and the costs it took to get you through. Being a fashion student makes you more resilient than most could understand.

4. You know what it’s like to get by with no sleep

As a fashion student you can virtually kiss sleep goodbye! You learn how to get through your days on auto-pilot with the help of a little bit of caffeine. Eventually you adjust to the sleep deprivation and just sail through each day with the occasional nod of acknowledgement to those poor fellow fashion students who haven’t had time to sleep for a week.

5. You spend more time in uni than you do in your own home

For fashion students there’s always more work to be done. Once one deadline is met thees always another one looming around the corner. As a fashion student you soon learn that it’s easier to just stay at uni or in the studio or the library and power through, than risk going home and getting off track. Not to mention, your housemates wanting you to hang out with them, but all you can do is watch the seconds to the next deadlines tick away.


6. You know how to navigate around Photoshop like the back of your hand

Being able to use Photoshop is essential for fashion students. There is absolutely no way for you to get by without the use of it. So, you learn how to use it well, and fast! That doesn’t mean that it always plays ball with what you’re trying to accomplish, and every fashion student knows about the love, hate relationship you develop very quickly with the program.

7. You’re constantly asked to fix or make clothes

Now whether or not the mending or making of clothes had anything to do with your chosen fashion pathway, every fashion student has been asked more than once to fix or make clothes for someone. Whether that be sewing on a button or designing and making a prom dress, us fashion students have heard it all.


8. People always go to you for outfit advice

While of course this can be flattering, there’s no fashion student out there that doesn’t have some-what of an opinion on people’s outfits of choice, it can become tedious. For example, I have no idea what you should wear to your second cousins’ wives hen party! But on any outfit for a normal occasion, fashion students are more than happy to tell you what’s what and who’s who!

9. You quickly learn how to be savage

The fashion industry is a very competitive place. Fashion students learn quickly that there’s a limit to how nice you can be. You have to be able to put your own ambitions first to make sure you snag that opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, you still need a certain level of grace and decorum, but for fashion students when it comes to getting your foot in the door, it’s every man for themselves!

10. You immediately know the difference between first and third years

First year fashion students are still very much caught up in the fact that they made it onto a fashion course. They make sure that they’re dressed to the nines for every single class and carry one small bag. Third year fashion students on the other hand, come to class in the cleanest thing they can find (because we haven’t had time to do laundry in weeks) and are laden with arms full of canvas tote bags and folders full of everything needed for that one class.


11. You’re not 100% sure what a boy is anymore

Sure, there are boys that are fashion students. But the ratio of boys to girls that do fashion courses is tiny. There’s no time for you to socialise outside of class anymore, so unless you happen to have a boy on your course, there’s a chance that you’ll forget that they exist all together.

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12. You find it hard picking an outfit for every occasion

Being a fashion student, you put way too much pressure on yourself to be well dressed for every social event. You think that people will expect you to be on trend and put together because you are a fashion student. What if you meet someone new? If they ask about your degree and you have to tell them you studied fashion, they’ll immediately judge your outfit! You’re definitely overthinking it, but you just can’t help it.

13. You become a master of mood boards

Mood boards aren’t just collages you did as a child with your dream house and dream husband on anymore! Mood boards are a work of art. Something us fashion students have spent hours slaving over to make perfect. They are our children.

14. Sharp things stabbing your fingers doesn’t faze you anymore

Every fashion student has accidentally stabbed themselves with a pin or a needle more times than they can count. We’re not even sure if we have 100% feeling in them anymore.


15. The horror of bleeding onto your work

Don’t even get me started on the feeling of pure dread, that gut wrenching feeling when you realise you’ve accidentally caught yourself with a pin and there’s now blood on your white, almost finished dress. These are not tears of pain, let me tell you!

Were you a fashion student? Can you think of any signs we missed? Leave a comment below!

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