15 Signs You Used To Be A Fangirl

Whether you’re a fangirl or fanboy, everyone has gone through this phase one way or another and once you can spot the signs, it just becomes all the more obvious. At some part of your life, you may have found yourself idolising someone, whether its bands, singers, groups or even K-pop, and there are definitely signs that show that. How much of a fangirl/fanboy do you think you are? See how many things you can tick off this list to see if you were more of a fan than you thought.

1. You Still Haven’t Taken Your Posters Down

Whether it’s already down and there are marks on your wall from it, we all know that a poster was once there. In my case? I haven’t even touched the poster once since I put it up 10 years ago even if I stopped being a fangirl. Who knows if I’ll even ever take it down!

2. There’s Probably A Sticker On Your Stuff of a Lowkey Quote From Them

I know you have scoured the internet at least, to find a quote or cartoon sticker of them that is unnoticeable enough that you can pass off as a simple sticker for your laptop or books. You probably don’t want to come off too strongly of a fangirl but you still want to represent your faves, am I right?

3. You Have Unofficial Merch

Official merch is always more expensive than it should be and as a 16-year-old, there are often times you can’t afford that. Sometimes, the official merch isn’t even nice! In those cases, fan-made merch is always the best option. Who knows the best ways to showcase their idols than a fangirl?

4. The Official Concert Merch You do Have, You Probably Wear to Sleep

Let’s be real, you buy tons of concert merch but you’re probably never going to use or wear it. That’s not going to stop you from buying more next time though. At least the shirts find use in bed. A friend needs to borrow a shirt for a sleepover? Oversized concert merch it is!

5. You Know Weird Useless Facts

Whether it’s a fact about your idol, of where they’re born or their entire ancestry, or something that they have said or done, you still remember it. Years into the future, you may be getting married or working full time and one of those facts will just come to mind. It makes you wonder how you can so easily recite their entire discography but you can’t remember your mother’s birthday.

6. There’s a Stack of Albums Hidden Somewhere

They may be gifts from others or gifts from yourself but whatever the case, you have many albums hidden away that you don’t know what to do with now. You can’t bring yourself to throw them away or sell them, but you will probably never open it again. Maybe one day you can show your kids your idols and pass on the legacy. At least vinyls are coming back into trend, so grab yourself a vinyl copy of your favourite band album to make it aesthetic.

7. You Still Have that One Ticket Stub

What more needs to be said? There’s definitely a ticket stub from an old concert in your memory box and that’s totally valid. Perhaps getting them laminated might be a bit much though. 

8. You Have Something Signed By Them

If you have been blessed somehow and got the chance to meet your idol, the signed item is definitely still coveted in your bedroom somewhere. It could simply be an album, or a t-shirt, or even a phone case! They had to sign whatever you had on the time and that makes that item even more precious.

9. You Have Read (or even Written) Fanfiction At Least Once

You may have done it knowingly or just out of curiosity, but the word fanfic isn’t unfamiliar to you. If you have written fanfiction, girl, I know you spent more effort there than your homework. Perhaps the memory just came back to you and you’re wondering what the ending to that one fanfic was?

10. You Have Made Some Kind of Creative Piece For Them

Perhaps it was a fan-made music video, a lyric video, a photoshopped picture, painting, or even a song! The list can go on. You may have just dabbled into it or completed it with proud effort but, there’s definitely some kind of creative piece dedicated towards your idol.

11. Developed a Skill Other People Might not Have

Going on from the 10th sign, you may have taken your hobby that one step further and gained a valuable skill from idolizing someone! Whether you learnt how to photoshop, paint, or write, perhaps those hobbies went on to become your choice of career or study! No one needs to know why or how you got into those hobbies but we all know the reason deep down.

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12. You Own the Same Piece of Clothing As Them

Whether a boy wore it or a girl, it doesn’t matter as long as they looked cute in it and you think so will you. It might’ve been expensive or might just be a small accessory but who doesn’t want something their idol also owns?

13. You Still Have or Once Had Crazy Dyed Hair

Similar to the last point, seeing your idols change their hairstyles on the daily there’s no helping to the curiosity you have had wondering how that would look on you. We’ve all hoped at some point Zayn would notice us in the crowd with our striking pink hair! If you were a Kpop fan, it’s too irresistible not to dye your hair seeing the rainbow of hair colour options. 

14. You Have Always Wanted a Tattoo Related to Them (Or Already Have One)

You can’t help but be glad sometimes that you didn’t get their face or quote massively tattooed across your body like you wanted when you were 16! However, if you are an adult and actually found a way to get your idol tattooed on you in a tasteful way, then props to you but there isn’t any other clearer sign of being a fan. If it looks good on you, then there’s no shame in that at all!

15. You Have Great Taste in Fashion and Style

Thanks to obsessing over a fandom and enough time on the internet, someone who was once a fangirl has definitely put effort into their room and clothes for the perfect ootd picture. Who knows if you might accidentally bump into your idol one day like that one fanfic? You definitely need to be dressed cute in that case!

Once a fangirl, always a fangirl; whether its current or from years ago, I will never be ashamed to say I was a fangirl. Who were you a fan of and how do you feel looking back now? Let me know in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/484770347381631904/
Vivian Nguyen

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