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10 Signs You Studied At St Andrews

10 Signs You Studied At St Andrews

Have you attended the University of St Andrews, or are you currently part of the St Andrews students? Maybe you’re just curious about what it means to be a St Andrews student? If so, keep reading for our 10 signs that you studied at St Andrews and see how many you identify with.

1. You’ve been asked if you’ve met a prince or royalty

When telling someone where they study, St Andrews students have all been asked the same questions: “Have you met a prince yet?” “Do you know any royalty?” “Do you ever see Prince William?” Whether you’re talking to your relatives, parents’ friends, or even your dentist, it’s an unavoidable topic. And, fulfilling the cliché, there’s a good chance that you actually do know someone with royal status.


2. Your standards for a good night out have gone way down

Whether you came from a big city or small town, St Andrews students’ standards for a good night out quickly adjust, and decline, after spending some time in the bubble. Gone are the days of rowdy clubs and staying out until 3am, and instead you’re pleased if you had a rowdy pre-drinks, spent some time at The Rule or 601’s Main Bar, and grabbed a Dervish on the way home.

3. You’re definitely more posh than you were before studying at St Andrews

Most St Andrews students will try to play off how posh they’ve become when talking to friends back home, making jokes about members of the Kate Kennedy Club and maybe not even realising the similarities they share to that elite level of posh.

However, whether they want to admit it or not, St Andrews students do become more posh over their years on the East Fife coast, from golfing on the Old Course and doing a pier walk in the red gown to attending the charity polo tournament and ball after ball after ball.


4. You always think “Scumdee” when you hear “Dundee”

Although the rivalry between St Andrews and Edinburgh is stronger than that with Dundee, “Scumdee” becomes ingrained in the minds of St Andrews students starting in Freshers Week. Regardless of their actual opinions, thinking of trash is inevitable when students of St Andrews hear someone mention Dundee.

5. Anything more than a 20-minute walk from your school or job is too far

When a 40-minute to hour-long commute onto campus is common for most University campuses around the UK, or even a short bus ride at the minimum, it’s likely surprising to outsiders that St Andrews students see “D-R-Far Away” as basically out of town when it’s only about a 25-minute walk into the town centre. However, a five-minute walk from class is ideal for St Andrews students, a 10-15 minute walk tolerated, and a 20-minute or more walk seen as hell on Earth.


6. When you hear “raisins”, you don’t think of the food

Ah, yes, the infamous weekend that is raisin. St Andrews students have definitely struggled to explain this one to their friends back home, including why the weekend itself is called Raisin the first place, but it is truly one of those things you can only understand if you went through it yourself.

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7. You’re skeptical of any fish & chips that claims to be the best in Scotland or UK

Whether Cromars is their go-to for fish and chips in town or they prefer Tailend takeaway, St Andrews students will fight anyone who tries to argue that another restaurant has the best fish and chips in Scotland. And, as for the rest of the UK, such claims of having the best fish and chips will be met with skepticism at the very least.


8. Any mention of Will and Kate instinctively makes you roll your eyes

Did you know Will and Kate attended St Andrews? How about that they both lived together in Sallies? Or that they met (for coffee) at Northpoint? St Andrews students surely do — they’ve only been told a million times.

9. You have a photo of yourself on the pier, maybe even in a red gown

Whether their parents took the photo and have it framed in their living room, or you proudly had it as your Facebook profile picture in the first year, this photo and experience exist for all St Andrews students that have gone through the first year and/or graduation.

10. You’ve tasted the rainbow through Pablos

St Andrews students have seen a rainbow on most nights out, but it hasn’t been one in the sky – it’s been in 601, and the memory is probably blurry.


Will you graduate married or an alcoholic? What would you add to this list of St Andrews stereotypes? Let us know in the comments below!

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