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Signs You Should Travel More

Signs You Should Travel More

Everyone knows travel is good for the soul but we always push it off. Here's our list of signs from the universe that mean you should pack a bag and go!

Traveling is one of our most primal needs – we want to see the world, we want to meet new people. We want to be basking in the sun with a cocktail in our hand and we want to be trekking through woods finding a nice campsite and we want to be bundled up in a thousand, thousand layers skiing in the Alps. We are adventurers at heart but we just get comfortable sometimes!

Here are seven great reasons you should stop, book some holiday time and look for fabulous new places to visit.  

1. You’ve not been anywhere outside your hometown.

For most of us travelling is a luxury, and it’s typical for most of us to not be able to travel, even just outside our own hometowns but if every time you leave your town to go to the city for a day trip you start planning your next day back – that is the first sign you should start planning for something bigger!

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2. You deserve a break

Let’s be honest: it’s 2019, there isn’t a single one of us that doesn’t overwork themselves. We work long hours, we stay up late and wake up early – we’re all overworked! You deserve some time off – whether it be a long weekend or a full week off. While traveling can be stressful the payoff is absolutely worth it.

Signs You Should Travel More

3. You want to have fun before you die

Because we’re so overworked – we rarely have time to ourselves to enjoy. When you travel you can do whatever you want. You have no one to answer to and the whole time is about you and you enjoying yourself. Sleep in, stay out late, eat what you and do what you want! It’s a different country and you’re on no one’s standards.

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4. You want new experiences in life

If you’ve never seen the glory of a mountain stretch miles into the sky above you or you’ve never felt the sea air against your skin while the sun beats down on you then wherever your mind takes you when you’re sitting on the bus, in the freezing cold and beating rain is where you need to go.

Signs You Should Travel More

5. You want to experience new cultures

It’s a cliche, but it’s true: experiences are the few things you can’t buy. Shopping at new stores, going to a family owned cafe at a local’s recommendation and trying their home comforts is a small change that can give a whole new view. Even just a few hours travel can take you to a whole different world, even just the difference between Glasgow and Dublin is an hour flight on a long weekend and a lifetime of history just waiting to be explored.

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6. Everyone else is

We all have that friend that somehow manages to go to a new country every month, they have frequent flyer miles out of the whazzo and always say stuff like ‘freshly ground beans straight from the coffee bean field gives a more authentic flavour, but this will do’ and as much as I hate to agree with them – their right. Traveling – especially on a more restrictive budget – gives you a whole different view on the world.

7. Because sometimes, the journey is the destination

Travel planning is fun, exciting and, as previously mentioned, stressful. That being said, no matter how rigorously you plan your trip, how well timed you to plan your sightseeing, the stranger you meet on the side of the road after your car tire bursts who teaches you how to change the tire then recommends a cafe to you and that has the best coffee and biscotti you’ve ever had, will always be the story you tell your friends above the half hour you spent at the Colosseum.

Signs You Should Travel More

Those are just some of the many reasons you should travel but, don’t take my word for it. Make your plans, pack your bags and tell them Society19 sent ya!

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