15 Signs You Should Switch Roommates

15 Signs You Should Switch Roommates

Sometimes, you don’t always get along with your roommate. It isn’t always peachy when you’re forced to stay in a cramped dorm, or apartment (if you’re lucky), with someone you barely talk to on a normal basis. But when does not gettting along with someone cross the line and become I can no longer live with them? Here are 15 signs you should look out for when thinking of switching roommates!

1. They never tell you anything in advance.

Whether it be inviting friends over at the last minute without your consent, or never telling you beforehand that they aren’t coming home that night, you should probably reconsider who you’re living with if this is something they constantly do. As roommates, this space belongs to you, too. It’s basic respect to acknowledge such boundaries, and to inform each other of things in advance so long as they have to do with your shared living space. And if they aren’t able to do that, you should probably consider switching roommates.

2. They never do their allocated chores.

You aren’t their maid, period. As a roommate, they should take on the shared responsibility of keeping your room clean and inhabitable. They can’t just keep expecting you to do everything while they lay back and relax. You need to set the rules straight, and if they can’t cooperate, you should probably switch roommates.


3. They never keep their promises.

If all they do is talk the talk, but never walk the walk, then they probably aren’t someone you’d want to continue living with. Clearly, you’re just setting yourself up for a world of constant dissapointment, whether that be in regards to your friendship or house chores.

4. They don’t hold themselves to the same standards they hold you.

If they’re constantly getting mad at you for not doing things the “right” way, yet not living up to the same standateds they have placed upon you, switch roommates! Living with a roommate with that sort of hypocritical mentality will only bring yourself down, and cause tension in your friendship (if there even is one).

5. You’re always butting heads.

Arguing is a good and obvious sign to switch roommates. Nobody wants to live with someone they don’t get along with. Not only will it sour your mood, but it’ll eventually effect your own mental health in the long run. So, if you’re constantly screaming at each other’s heads over one thing or another, don’t hesitate to move out or switch rooms.


6. Even the smallest things annoy you.

If you’re starting to notice yourself getting annoyed at the smallest of things, this is probably a sign you should switch roommates. Clearly, your roommate is starting to get on your nerves. As previously stated, you never want to live with someon you don’t get along with, so maybe you should consider switching before the annoyance turns into hatred and everything starts to fall apart.

15 Signs You Should Switch Roommates


7. They never consider your feelings.

If they’re constantly making noise or turning on the lights when they know you’re asleep, or if they make specific comments or jokes knowing that they make you uncomfortable, you probably shouldn’t be living with them. Someone who is unable to properly consider your circumstances and feelings, no matter how big or small, isn’t someone you should want to be roommates with and you should definitely consider switching.

8. You’re always the one paying.

Bills and rent are a shared responsibility between roommates. If they’re never able to pay their share, you should consider switching rommates before you go broke.

15 Signs You Should Switch Roommates


9. They don’t respect your privacy.

Privacy is something everyone should have. If your roommate is constantly going through your things without asking, or looking over your shoulder whenever you’re texting, this is a clear indication that they don’t respect your privacy. They need to respect your own right to your space, and if they dont, you should probably consider switching.

10. Their partner is always at your place.

A visit every week is fine, but if your roommate’s significant other has basically become your third roommate, there’s a problem.

15 Signs You Should Switch Roommates


11. They never take you seriously.

As a roommate, they should listen to your complaints and comments on ways they could improve as roommates. If they never take you seriously, and brush you off every time you bring it up, you should consider switching roommates. This just shows how little respect they have towards you as a person, and how unwilling they are to change in order to make your living arrangements work.


12. You’re always the one cleaning up their mess.

Being messy is fine, but if your roommate’s mess starts to affect your side of the room, and you’re constantly the one who cleans it up without their help, you probably should get a switch of rommates.

15 Signs You Should Switch Roommates


13. They get mad over the silliest things.

If you’re roommate is constantly having mood swings and taking them out on you over the silliest things, do consider switching. Being shit on by your roommate on a daily basis isn’t a nice feeling to experience.

14. Thinking about your roommate stresses you out.

This is a clear sign that you probably hate living with your roommate. If you hate every second spent in that room with them, just switch roommates. We know you want to.


15. They’re clearly taking you for granted.

Not appreciating the chores you’ve contributed to your room, expecting you to do all the work while they relax and disrespecting you your privacy, are all signs that your roommate is taking you for granted.

Did you relate to this list in any way? Comment below your own experience switching roommates, and don’t forget to share this article to friends who may need it!

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