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10 Signs You Should Book A One Way Ticket Abroad This Summer

10 Signs You Should Book A One Way Ticket Abroad This Summer

10 Signs You Should Book A One Way Ticket Abroad This Summer

Since I began working overseas seasonally four years ago, I frequently come across like-minded people who are keen to book a one way ticket abroad too. For many, they are intrigued by the prospect of spending the summer months in a foreign country or are even enthralled by the thought of making a permanent move to live in a new and exciting location. Here I have compiled a list of ten very important reasons why this year you too should seriously consider booking that one way flight this coming summer.

You Want to Make Unique Life Experiences

Plus, you feel the need to see more of the world outside of your home town or country which is a really great attitude to have! Almost every single person I have encountered who have worked abroad for a period of time has described that doing so was a life-changing experience. For better or worse, travelling to a different country can be one of the best ways to take yourself out of your comfort zone, make incredible life experiences and create memories that will last a lifetime.

You Feel Unhappy Living in Your Home Town

I have met many travelers who felt they were not living their best life where they were. I once met one season worker in the United States back in 2015 that described how this was his reason for deciding to travel. Subsequently, he did not return to live back in the U.K. after his placement ended and has stayed overseas ever since! Similarly, it is common for people who have felt the inclination to travel abroad¬†finding themselves inspired to travel to other destinations afterward – sometimes not returning to their home town for years. While there may be other contributors as to why you feel like life in your home town does not make you happy,¬†if you are longing to seek out a different lifestyle in a far off place this is a very good sign you should book that trip if it is possible. You never know where it might lead…


You Have Often Thought About What It Is Like To Live in a Particular Place

During the time I have worked in summer resorts, I’ve met many holiday-makers who have recurrently traveled to these places on vacation each year. Often they had been flying there for a long time – even decades! – and will continue to do so for many years to come. Perhaps you can relate because you travel on vacation to a particular resort each summer and would love to experience living there? It actually can be made possible! You might have noticed many staff members come out to work every year and are paid to live in the resort that you only get the chance to visit for a couple of weeks. This brings me to my next point on employment…

You Are Eligible for Available Job Opportunities Abroad

There are several different ways to live and work abroad either temporarily or permanently. For U.K citizens the availability of the Working Holiday Visas means that it is possible to travel to popular destinations such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for up to two years (depending on various conditions that are subject to these countries). Additionally, U.K. citizens also have the option to work abroad on placements in countries such as the United States, Canada, Thailand, and South Africa. One popular way to do this is through applying to work at summer camps; most camp directors fly out to recruit staff for the summer from the U.K. in January/February. Furthermore, as it still stands pre-Brexit, British citizens are able to freely work in other EU countries. Popular destinations that offer seasonal placements are Ibiza, Magaluf, Ayia Napa, and Zante.

There Are Study Abroad Options At Your College/University

Similar to the previous point, many universities have study abroad and cultural exchange opportunities for eligible undergraduate students. Typically, those who participate will spend from one semester up to one year abroad as part of their studies.


You Want to Learn A New Language

This is perhaps one of the most straight-forward reasons to move abroad. If you are keen to learn another language fluently the most efficient and quickest way to learn is to move to a country where the language is spoken officially.

You Having Family Ties To Another Country

Maybe you have family in a different country, who may or may have not met, that you would like to book a one-way trip abroad to visit. Similarly, you may have settled in your country of residence after living in another country beforehand. Many people find solace in returning to their place of birth, particularly if they had no choice but to leave there. If you are a person with dual citizenship that has the option to travel and work in both countries this could be a great opportunity to experience living in another country indefinitely.

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Maybe You Are Fascinated by the Prospect of Pursuing a Career as a Digital Nomad

Many people have become intrigued by the increasingly popular and enigmatic nomadic lifestyle in which remote workers live abroad – normally independently and with no fixed address. While it can potentially be a risky undertaking that requires careful planning in advance, the success of travel bloggers such as Chris Brogan and Nomadic Matt have inspired many people to pursue this way of life. Some of the most popular jobs for people living nomadically are namely copywriting, content marketing, consulting, graphic design, web developing and blogging.

You Feel You Might Become Too Settled in Your Home Town

For me, this is one of the most important reasons to book that one-way trip. Nobody knows what is around the corner and the possibilities that are open now may not be there in the future. Becoming settled in your home town is perhaps one of the biggest signs that you should take the opportunity now before you never will. Perhaps you’re in your last year of university and will soon have to enter the employment in the ‘real world’? Or maybe you would like to travel before settling down and having children which you can see happening in the foreseeable future? Whichever is the reason, I would advise anyone to make the move while it is still possible for them if they are keen to travel. More often it seems that people do not.

You Have A Love of Travel

Finally, the sole reason of having a genuine love to travel is enough to justify making the one-way trip abroad! Working overseas to save money to fund further travels is one of the main sources of income for many travelers. Having done this myself over the past few years I would recommend anyone who has any passion to travel to go ahead and take every chance they can get!

I hope that the list complied here inspires you to book that one way ticket abroad this summer – or even in the very near future! You only regret the chances you don’t take! Let us know in the comments about your travel plans or experiences and what inspired you to book your one way ticket abroad.
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