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15 Signs You Probably Should Get A Haircut

15 Signs You Probably Should Get A Haircut

Finding the time to get a haircut and keep up with your hairstyle is hard! With these 15 signs, you will know exactly when to bite the bullet and make that trip to have a trim.

I think we can all agree that having a bad hair day stresses us all out, right? We all have our little ‘I hate my hair‘ moments and come on, it dampens the mood! But when do we recognise the moment we should in fact actually venture out to the hair salon and get a haircut? Well, here is a list of 15 signs to hopefully help you think, ‘Yes, I should probably go and get a haircut!

1. You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Took A Trip To The Salon

They say you should cut your hair every 6 weeks, but come on, we’re all guilty of leaving it longer than that!¬† Sometimes, much longer. We have busy schedules, things to do! But to the point, you can’t actually remember the last time you went to your hair salon? Nope, book yourself the next appointment, you are long overdue a good chop!

2. You Can’t See

The most obvious sign. You cannot see. Mainly targeting those who own a fringe. The moment your hair touches your eyes, it’s a sign it needs cutting. You need to keep in control of your style! Don’t let it go!


15 Signs You Probably Should Get A Haircut

3. Your Hair Is Constantly Dry

It is not fun, or uplifting in the slightest, having hair that resembles straw. Unfortunately there is only so much your favourite moisturising hair product can do! It can’t keep the dryness away forever! If you regularly use hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, etc. and your hair is extremely dry, your hair may be experiencing some heat damage. Or even colour damage by dying your hair! Applying hair products and oil will not resolve the problem. Continue with your daily hair care regime, but you also need a good trim to freshen up!

4. Split Ends!

No. No. No. And no. Take a good look at the ends of your hair. It’s extremely hard to see if you have split ends, but there is a way. By taking the ends of your hair and twisting, the little flyaway hairs sticking out are your split ends. These need cleaning up ASAP before the splits climb higher and higher, leaving your hair weak and defenceless.


5. Your Hair Knots Easily

Each hair strand should be silky smooth over 90% of the time. When your hair starts to knot, this means your strands are sticking together more regularly, and this can cause damage and breakage to your hair. So if you notice your hair starting to knot more often than usual, it’s a sign you need a haircut.

6. The End Of Your Hair Is Very Thin

Your hair should be the same thickness from top to bottom! If you take your hair, plait it into a loose braid, and if the bottom of the braid tapers rather a lot, and shows you have split ends, it may be a good idea to have a trim to the point where your hair begins to taper.

15 Signs You Should Probably Get A Haircut


7. No Shape, No Volume

No shape? No bounce? Just flatness? You don’t want your hair to drag you down with it. Get your hair cut and get that bounce back!

8. You Don’t Really Know What Hairstyle You Have

If you haven’t had your hair cut in so long and you’ve forgotten what style you went for all that time ago, it is probably a BIG sign to get that hair not just trimmed, but restyled. Come on, you don’t even have a style name for the hair you own! You need it! We guarantee it will give you a confidence boost you will love!

9. You Have Had The Same Hairstyle Your Entire Life

Nobody wants to look like they did when they were 10 years old. The first step? Change the hair. A completely new style. We know, it’s scary having to step out of the comfort zone, especially when dealing with hair, but you’ve had the same hair your whole life! You’re too comfortable. Let loose, do some research, find which styles you like the look of, book a consultation and ask your hairdressers advice! They’re professionals, they know which styles will suit you and which won’t! It’s time for a change.


10. You Always Tie Your Hair Up

You’re getting obsessive with the messy bun, the french plaits, the high pony. Stop. You’re getting too used to putting your hair into an easy, everyday style, with no effort. It could be a habit, but also a sign you’re experiencing damaged hair. Whatever the reason, you’re in need of a trim.

15 Signs You Probably Should Get A Haircut


11. It Takes You Longer To Style

Have you noticed your daily hair styling routine is taking you a lot longer to style lately? It’s a sign, it needs cutting. Get that routine back on track, you don’t want to fall into the habit of wearing your hair up all the time because it takes too long to style!

12. You’re Getting Bored

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and thinking ‘ugh!‘ Are you bored of styling your hair in the same style every day? It’s okay to have a change! Add some layers, add a fringe, have a couple of inches chopped off! Changing your style just a little bit can cure that boredom!


13. Your Bad Hair Days Are Outnumbering Your Good Ones

Nobody likes bad hair days, they’re awful. Are you finding yourself having more bad hair days than good ones? You need to sort that out, and quick. You want to feel refreshed. Get your confidence back! You will be amazed how uplifting this will be! No more morning hair tantrums!

14. You Need A Big Life Change

You’re sick of the same old routine? You’re going through a break up? You need a change? First thing’s first, book a hair appointment. New hair, new you!

15. You Want To Make Yourself Feel Better

If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, take a bit of time for some self care. Get a hair cut, get your nails done, get a spray tan, make yourself feel beautiful! You need to get your mojo back! Trust us, it works!


15 Signs You Probably Should Get A Haircut

What do you think are the most obvious signs of needing to get a haircut? Share your tips for a trim below!

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