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10 Signs You Need To Check Up On Your Friend

10 Signs You Need To Check Up On Your Friend

10 Signs You Need To Check Up On Your Friend

Everyone wants to be a good friend and look after the people you care about most, but sometimes, people aren’t always upfront and don’t come asking for help when they need it. If you want to take good care of your friend and make sure they’re going good check out there signs you need to check up on your friend and figure out if any of them may apply.

1. You haven’t heard from them in a while

Pretty simple one, if you haven’t heard from your friend in a while it could be because somethings up. Either they’re upset with you or they’re struggling to be social. This could be for many reasons, perhaps they’re just super busy at the moment, or perhaps they’re going through something tough or struggling with their mental health. Either way, check in and see if you can help.

2. They’re out every weekend

We’ve all been there, going out and drinking every week, maybe multiple times a week. It’s not healthy and more often than not it’s a coping method for something. If your friend has just been through a break up this could be a sign that they’re not coping well. However, it could just be that multiple events have fallen around the same time (birthdays, weddings, baby showers etc), but it’s best to check in just in case.

10 Signs You Need To Check Up On Your Friend

3. They’re posting cryptic messages on social media

This one is a no brainer. If they’re posting cryptic status’, indirect messages or deep song lyrics, something’s up. There’s no doubt about it and it a very clear cry for help when someone shares these inner most feelings so publicly. They need a friend right now and they’re screaming out for some help.

4. They’ve been uncharacteristically MIA on social media

Is your friend usually someone who can’t go a day without posting an instagram story? Have they been MIA for a while? This could be a good thing, maybe they’re having a digital detox and are trying to get out of the habit of constantly being on social media. But, it could also mean that they’re suddenly feeling dissatisfied with their life and therefore losing motivation to post about it online. Check up and make sure they’re still happy and having fun regularly.

10 Signs You Need To Check Up On Your Friend

5. They ditch plans last minute

It’s easy to be harsh on friends that cancel at the last minute and put them down to being a ‘flake’ or ‘unreliable’. Before you launch an attack, think about what could be going on. Ditching plans at the last minute is a common sign of someone struggling with depression or anxiety and feeling an overwhelming surge of panic when it comes to having to go out. Check they’re okay before you bash them, they don’t need guilt off their mates on top of their struggles.

6. The come up with terrible excuses as to why they can’t make it

This is definitely related to the previous step, a definite way to work out of someone’s ditching plans is because of their mental state is the excuse they give you. If you know they’re lying or their excuse is just super random and unbelievable, there’s probably something deeper going on.

10 Signs You Need To Check Up On Your Friend

7. They’ve been sick

If they’ve been off work a lot recently or been feeling under the whether, you should definitely check in on them. Firstly, because it’s nice to have company when you’ve been unwell and to know that your friend cares about you, and secondly, because their ‘illness’ may not be physical. Go keep them company and take them some tasty treats to help them feel better.

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8. They’re attention seeking

A hard one to spot, they seem supper happy and outgoing and the life and soul of the party. But if this is a bit out of character for your friend, it may be cause they’re craving attention. This could be due to a breakup or relationship problem, a self-esteem issue, or family trouble at home, have a chat with them and make sure they’re feeling good about themselves, happy and confident.

10 Signs You Need To Check Up On Your Friend

9. They’re ghosting their friends

They’re point blank off the grid. Unless they’re on an extended holiday to the outback you should be concerned. People often avoid their friends when they’re feeling depressed as they don’t have the energy to socialise or want to explain how they’re feeling. Your friend definitely needs to, go round to their place and encourage them to talk if they want, if not just keep them company, or get them out of the house for fresh air, they’ll appreciate it.

10. They’re looking run down

If they’re looking exhausted or sick there could be something up, maybe they’re stressed and overwhelmed or maybe something is keeping them up at night. Offer your support and an ear to listen to what they’re going through. Try and ease their burdens in any way you can in order for them to get a well deserved rest.

10 Signs You Need To Check Up On Your Friend

Make sure you always take the time to look after your friends, check in on them and be a support system however you can. Small things like encouraging someone to talk, bringing them something to make them smile or just sitting next to them on the sofa and binge-watching Netflix shows, small things matter and truly go a long way.

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