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10 Signs You Need Some Me-Time

10 Signs You Need Some Me-Time

Stress is everywhere and can very easily consume you. Check those ten signs you need to take a step back and take some me-time break.

Why is me-time essential? Often, our busy lives can be so overwhelming that we completely forget to take care of ourselves. If you’re in the middle of a stressful period you might want to check this list.

1. You cry out of nowhere

If you catch yourself getting very upset in the middle of the day over silly things, chances are you’re either in your PMS week or you are way, way too stressed lately. Keep the classic advice in mind – it’s better to let it all out – you will feel better and relieved afterwards.

2. You snap at your friends

Overworking or overstressing cause us to be on edge, which means snapping and being rude a) when we don’t want to be, b) when there’s no need to be, and c) to people that have done nothing to deserve it.


3. You snap at your family

Unfortunately, quite often the above point also means we’re being unintentionally mean to our family as well. We say something rude to our parents/siblings and regret it afterwards. Of course, it happens. But it can also hurt your family member who did nothing wrong.

4. EVERYONE annoys you

Another point which suspiciously reminds me of me on my period (guilty). Everything is annoying, everyone is annoying and you just want to explode! Take a breath. It. Is. Completely. Normal. If you’re in a situation where you cannot escape and retreat to a quiet place (either your room or somewhere else) try and play some calming music. Classical or jazz, anyone?

5. You cannot remember the last time you did something fun

When did you last go to the cinema? The theatre? The bar? SOMETHING? You don’t know? Then make sure you have submitted any assignments you have due and just go to the cinema, on your own. Yes, I said it. Going places on your own is absolutely fine and is an enjoyable experience. Personally, I love going to art galleries and museums for a few reasons: It’s quiet. I can look at things at my own pace and no one forces me to be slower or faster. I can just sit down and enjoy the art pieces. If art isn’t your thing then give libraries a try! Going to one and browsing all the books can be an exciting thing to do where you find more about your book taste. A nice me-time x


6. Your room is a mess

I’m sorry to sound like your mum but a clean room can reeeally help you feel better (and to get that feeling as if you’ve got your stuff together). It’s not only satisfying but adding a few finishing touches, such as buying a small pot plant or the good old fairy lights can improve the atmosphere and enable you to chill out in peace.

7. You cannot remember when was the last time you did your washing

You might be wondering, what the heck does washing have to do with anything but having a huge pile of dirty clothes taking up space is not only annoying but stressful too (especially if you happen to be a neat person). So, it kind of builds up the overall bad stress situation. Besides, taking care of your clothes is a kind of me-time, making sure they’re nice and clean for the next time you wear them.

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8. A bath? What’s that?

I know baths are literally in every single ”me-time” post but they’re actually there for a reason. Bubbles/bath bombs can make you feel detached from the world.

9. Studying is all you’ve been doing for the past… century?

Studying is important. Education is important. You’re doing well in educating yourself and ensuring you get those firsts, good job! However, you can’t be studying all the time without rewarding yourself. I mean, technically you can but it’s cruel. Like every human being, you aren’t a machine and you need to remind yourself that. Take a couple of hours to do what you REALLY want to do, you deserve it x

10. The last time you watched TV was a few months ago

A linking point from point 9, REWARD yourself. Did you know (obviously you did) that Netflix constantly releases new shows and films? Many of them would be perfect with a glass of wine or hot chocolate in bed. Go pick one!


Did you think any of the points above apply to you? Please, do consider taking a break from whatever you’re doing. And let us know in the comments what your ways of handling stress are!

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