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15 Signs You Need A New Wardrobe

15 Signs You Need A New Wardrobe

You're going to want to buy a new wardrobe to keep up with fashion trends. Here is a list of things to look out for when you need to buy a new wardrobe!

We all go through those horrible times during the year when we really NEED to have good clear out in the old wardrobe. I know it’s effort but you need to keep up with those fashion trends. Don’t let your clothes start slipping through the cracks! Keep your outfits updated and your style on point! Here is the ultimate list to help you recognise the exact moment you need to sort yourself out, and treat yourself to a whole new wardrobe!

1. Your Wardrobe Is Full Yet You Still Have Nothing To Wear

One of the main points I think we can all relate too, right? You’ve got your make up on, styled your hair, you’ve just got to pick the perfect outfit. You’re rummaging through your wardrobe, clothes bulging out the doors, but you still have nothing to wear! Nobody has time for a breakdown every time they’re going out the house! It’s time to sort your wardrobe out, full stop.

2. You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Actually Went Clothes Shopping

It has been so long since the last time you went shopping, you can’t even remember where you went, when you went, and most importantly, the last item of clothing you brought yourself! You haven’t had anything new in ages! Go out and get back up to date with the seasonal fashion trends on the high street!


3. You’re Finding Yourself Always Wearing The Same Things

If you’re finding yourself wearing the same things over and over, it’s time to shake things up a little bit and change the little rut you’ve managed to get yourself in. It’s not okay to wear something, wash it, and then put it straight back on again! You don’t want to be recognised for wearing the same outfits, you want to be noticed for all of the different, amazing outfits you wear!

4. You Have The Same Top In More Than 2 Colours

BIG warning sign you need to shake things up a bit! You’ve resulted in buying the same clothing items but just in different colours! Fair enough, you like the style of something, but try other items in similar styles, some with a bit of extra added detail so as your wardrobe isn’t full of the same things!


5. You Always Borrow Your Friends Clothes

There’s nothing worse than looking through your own wardrobe and not being able to find anything to wear, resulting in you rummaging through your friends wardrobe and practically living in their clothes! You want the wardrobe that all your friends find amazing enough to look through and borrow your clothes! Set an example!

6. You Have More Pyjamas Than Any Other Items Of Clothing

Everyone loves pyjamas. The best cover ups to just sit and chill in, the ultimate comfort material! But you can’t go out in your pj’s in public, your pyjamas do not class an outfit, never mind a fashion statement! So if you have more items in your pyjama drawer than you do in your wardrobe, you need to sort it out.


7. You Still Have Clothes You Wore When You Were 13

Right, now this is just getting a bit ridiculous if this point applies to you. You cannot keep the clothes you once wore when you were 13. Times have changed, things have moved on, especially the world of fashion! Get yourself to nearest outlet or shopping centre and replace the clothes you once wore at the age of 13. ASAP!!

8. You Find Yourself Living In Oversized Hoodies

Don’t think we don’t love the odd oversized hoodie, because we seriously do! We just can’t spend our time living in them! We need to venture outside our little comfort clothes and habit of just throwing on the black leggings and the oversized hoodie, we need to make an effort with our outfits! The hoodies and the leggings are perfect for chilling at home, when it’s time to go out, it’s time for a new outfit choice.


9. You Find Yourself Rummaging Through Your Mom’s Wardrobe

Don’t get us wrong, we know mom’s can be fashionable at times, but this is a big warning sign that you can’t just keep shopping in your mom’s wardrobe, you need to go actual shopping! You need things of your own, in your own wardrobe, stop relying on your mom’s wardrobe before people start to think you are your mom!

10. You’ve Resulted In Wearing Your Dads Old Shirts

Okay, we get it. Your favourite oversized hoodie is in the wash, so you’ve resulted in wearing your dad’s old shirts for a big and baggy cover up. That’s totally okay for in the house, not for going out with friends! So if you’re wearing your dad’s shirts to go to lunch, stop that and head straight for the high street.


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11. Your Younger Siblings Have More Clothes Than You

You need to be setting style and fashion examples to your younger siblings! Not the other way around! If your siblings are getting more fashion compliments than what you are, this needs to change, and quick!


12. Your Wardrobe Is So Messy You Don’t Know What’s Hiding In There

The dreaded messy wardrobe and piles of clothes. You don’t even know what’s hiding in there anymore. Last week’s pizza leftovers? The cowboy hat you stole off a strange man on a stag do 2 months ago? Who knows! But things need to change around here. Sort your wardrobe out, don’t be a hoarder, and organise your outfits so you know exactly what you have and the things you need to buy new!

13. Your White T-shirts Have Underarm Stains

If you’ve worn your white t-shirts so often that its clear you’ve stained them, drop what you’re doing, get in that car and go shopping. You NEED to buy new.


14. Your Once Black Jeans Are Now Grey

You’ve worn and washed your black jeans soooo many times they’ve turned grey. Just face it, you need some new ones! Your black jeans are clearly one of the most worn clothing items in your wardrobe so treat yourself to a new pair! You know you’re gonna wear them, they come in handy! Black jeans are always a good shout, you can dress them up or dress them down!

15. Most Of Your Clothes Have Holes Or Are Falling Apart At The Seams

You can’t keep going out wearing clothes that have got holes in! Having socks with holes in is bad enough, never mind t-shirts, leggings, shirts and blouses! Even if you can see your favourite coat is pulling away at the seams, you need to start looking around for new!


Do you have any tips on sorting out your clothes for a new wardrobe? What about more signs to look out for? Comment your ideas in the comments below!

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