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15 Signs You Live In The Wrong City

15 Signs You Live In The Wrong City

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When you live in the wrong city you often don’t match the way your friends dress, what they say, or where they go. While your friends complain about being born in the “wrong generation” you know that while you sip your iced coffee in sweltering heat, you really want to be cocooned in an overcoat and boots with an extra hot latte in your hands.

If you’re wondering whether you live in the wrong city, see if any of these points sound familiar to you.

1. Your Wardrobe Doesn’t Match The Climate You Live In

When every piece inside your wardrobe was made for LA weather (no rain, always hot) but the temperature outside is your hometown’s typical freezing—you’re definitely in the wrong place. As a result, you can feel really uncomfortable going outside, and your friends/family often check to see if you’re okay.


But when your city finally catches up with your style, you’re always the best dressed.

2. You’re Constantly Looking Up Another City Online

If your search history is filled with ‘London’ ‘London City’ ‘Piccadilly’ ‘@London’ and every news story related to London, you’ve got a problem. Maybe you can’t live there for financial reasons, familial reasons, or visa reasons; whatever the reason, searching online is a convenient way to place yourself there for even a second.

3. … And Searching The Instagram Location Tag

Searching #Seattle is an easy way to bring up everyone’s posts that have Seattle (or whatever city) tagged. This way you don’t just see the best, most aesthetically pleasing parts of the city you love, but also the kind of gross parts. It’s a great (and safe) way to search every inch of a new place without leaving your phone.


4. You Watch Every Vlog That Comes Out About Visiting/Living In That City

Vlogs are another great way to see someone else’s experience in a city. Depending on the video, you can be introduced to places, foods, customs, cultures, and hacks about that city that you wouldn’t have thought of or experienced yourself.

Not every experience they have may be your cup of tea; even vloggers that don’t share similar tastes can teach you things you may have never thought to experience.

But you’ve definitely rolled your eyes when they mispronounced a local word.


5. You Watch TV Shows And Movies Based In/On That Area

If there has been a documentary, TV show, or movie filmed or based in your favourite city, chances are you’ve watched it. Even the darkest crime shows are full of great scenery that’ll make you fall in love with that city all over again.

6. You’re Emotionally Unattached To The City You Currently Live In

Walking the streets and feeling like a stranger? Not wanting to explore more than you have to?

If you walk around your city wishing you were somewhere else, you know you’re in the wrong place. It’s likely you go into stores just because their window displays look like something you wish you needed.


7. You Get Upset When People Know You’re A Local In Your Current City

When a tourist in your current city sees you walking around, you get asked for directions and have to grumpily point people in the direction they need. You still want to help, but is it really that obvious?

8. You Insert Yourself Into Other People’s Conversations About The City (Or Eavesdrop On Conversations)

When you’re on the train and hear someone mentioning their recent trip to Dubai, so you make sure to listen out for places they’ve been, and make a mental note of places they talk highly of.

Or when a co-worker talks about the amazing trip they just took to New York, you make sure to compare experiences, so they know you’ve been there as well.


9. You’re Constantly Daydreaming About What Your Life Could Be Like There

You probably have a mood board on your computer, as your wallpaper on your phone, or on your bedroom walls about all the scenery and the places you’ve been. More often than not, it just reminds you that you live in the wrong city.

10. You’re Not A Fan Of The Things To Do Around Your City

The city you live in may have a great live music culture, but what you really want is to spend a night at an amazing restaurant like a Parisian would.

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11. You Gravitate Towards Similar Climates And Environments

Even though you can’t get to Honolulu, you still look for hot, tropical environments so you can pretend you’re there.

12. You Follow Sports Teams From That Area, Even If You’re Not Into Sports

If you live in the wrong city, you’re probably not supporting the team you should be. You’ve definitely thought about buying a jersey from the wrong city, even if your country doesn’t follow that sport at all …

13. People Associate That City With You

When you’ve spoken so much about a place that people immediately think of you when they hear it, you know you should be there. You’re the first person they go to when they’re planning a trip there and you make sure to tailor how much you know about the place to that person’s likes and dislikes.


You’ve probably thought about a career as a travel agent!

14. You’ve Already Been There

Let’s be real. You don’t really know how much you love a place until you’ve been there.

Sure, the pictures might be nice, the movies may be romantic, but no one can ever tell you how your experience in Rome will be until you’ve stepped off the plane and gone through customs all by yourself.


15. You’re Planning Your Next Trip There

Flights? Booked. Accommodation? Reserved. Date? Set.

You’ve scouted the maps, read the articles, and made an itinerary for your trip. You’re ready to go!

Do you feel like you live in the wrong city? Share your experience in the comments!

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