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10 Signs You Have A Good Sex Life

10 Signs You Have A Good Sex Life

There are some pretty consistent ‘good sex life’ signs to look out for, and they’re all positives that everyone should benefit from in one way or another! As long as you’re getting what you want and need in a healthy way, you’re bound to recognise these 10 signs you have a good sex life.

Good sex means different things to different people for sure. That’s the beauty of it. Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, married or in a long-term relationship, you might wonder whether or not your sex life is up to scratch, or if there are things you could be doing better. Fear not, there are some pretty consistent ‘good sex life’ signs to look out for, and they’re all positives that everyone should benefit from in one way or another! As long as you’re getting what you want and need in a healthy way, you’re bound to recognise these 10 signs you have a good sex life.

1. You know exactly what you want

Knowing what you want from sex and your sex life comes both from experience and being acquainted with your body. How can you expect anyone else to pleasure you if you can’t pleasure yourself?! Once you understand exactly what you enjoy, the game gets a lot easier, and waaaaay more fun. When you know what you want, and you know how to communicate that to your partner, your sex life becomes a lot more interesting. If you’re honest with yourself about what you enjoy, your sex life will be great!

2. You love your body

Sex can only be the best when you accept and love yourself exactly like everyone deserves. Once you realise you’re an absolute god/goddess, everything changes. Confidence and a lack of self-doubt will free you in ways you never realised, and you’ll enjoy sex on a whole new plane. Your partner finds you sexy, and you should find yourself sexy as hell. If you find yourself sexy and love your body, you’re bound to have a good sex life – how could you not?


3. Anytime, anywhere

You’re the master of spontaneity. As long as you don’t get arrested or end up getting fired, the adventurous side in you is ready for action anytime and anywhere. It’s a great way to keep things fresh and you keep your partner on their toes. You’ve likely indulged yourself in some nice beachside sex (the sand was your penance), possibly even some educational library sex at university, and you definitely don’t let normal sex hours constrain you – 4 am is always an option. Either way, you have the best time doing it and likely have some stories to tell the grandkids.

4. Quality, not quantity

100% sex is one of those instances where quality matters over quantity (ok, quantity matters too), but seriously, a few instances of really great sex are better than hundreds of shit shags. If you and your partner aren’t focused on keeping track of how often you have sex and instead you make sure that each time you do it’s as fabulous as it can be, you’ve definitely got a good sex life.

5. You’re comfortable with your partner

A healthy, loving sex life is one of the best ways to become closer to someone. Whether a short term or long term partner, lots of great sex is going to allow you to feel at ease and comfortable around them as you’ll have bonded over your naked exploits. Having sex with someone adds a new dimension to your relationship, and by being with them you get to cultivate that relationship even further. If you feel comfortable with your partner and can communicate your wants and needs in the bedroom, you’ve definitely got a great sex life!


6. You can laugh

No matter how sexy the two individuals are, and no matter the chemistry between them, most of the time sex is not a flawlessly sensual experience. Things get broken, knees end up in faces, positions can be harder to get into than you thought and not many people find condoms outrageously sexy. All it takes is for a brief moment of eye contact for the sexy spell to be broken and for you to realise neither of you are actually porn stars – in that situation, you’ve got to be able to laugh. If you and your partner can have a giggle AND a romp, it’s one of the signs you have a good sex life!

7. You are your friends’ sex guru

Every friendship group has at least one member that is known for their sex wisdom and advice. If you find yourself frequently dishing out technical advice or regaling your pals with tales of your orgasmic exploits while they listen with open mouths, it’s one of the telltale signs you have a good sex life. Being confident and comfortable enough to share your knowledge with others in an attempt to help them reach their sexual pinnacles is a very good deed too.

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8. You’ve invested in your sex life

Your secret cupboard or drawer is full of sex toys, lingerie sets, and full on fancy dress costumes. Sexy ones though, that Pikachu onesie was a bad idea. You love going shopping for things that you know will add yet another layer of spicy fun to your sex life, and you’re pretty creative with it. Even food shopping kick starts your imagination – strawberries? Yes yes. Squirty Cream? A classic! Nutella? Why didn’t someone suggest it sooner? Basically, you’re not afraid to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. There are tons of signs you have a good sex life, and they may be different for every couple!

9. You’ll try anything once

Variety is the spice of life. That requires being open minded and open to new experiences – especially in the bedroom. No one wants to live life with one position as their go-to move. Just like with fruit and veg, to enjoy the best benefits you need a variety. Being willing to try anything once (within reason) will get you experimenting in ways you never thought you’d enjoy. You’re bound to constantly discover new favourites that you swear you’ll never be able to top…until tomorrow. If you’re willing to try anything once, it’s likely you’ve got a good sex life!

10. You have FUN

Sex can mean many things to different people. One of the most important things to remember is that it should be fun! You’re not keeping track of how often you have sex. Neither are you keeping score with your partner. You should enjoy sex for the sake of it. At the end of the day, sex is meant to be a pleasurable and fun activity. If you and your partner have fun having sex, you’re definitely not doing it wrong.

Let us know what you think of these signs you have a good sex life in the comments below!
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