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15 Signs You Grew Up In Wolverhampton And Lived To Tell The Tale

15 Signs You Grew Up In Wolverhampton And Lived To Tell The Tale

Take a peak at these signs you grew up in Wolverhampton! If you are a local who grew up here, you will be able to relate with these!

This is a list of all the signs you grew up in Wolverhampton! If you are a true local, you will be able to relate.

1. You know nothing compares to orange chips

The beautiful crispy, fried goodness that is orange chips will always have a special place in your heart. That’s right technically they’re battered chips but their unique colour is where the name orange chips came from. No matter where you go no other chips will compare to them and you’ll always be left craving them.

2. Being called a Yam Yam

Because we tend to speak in “am’s” we have been nicknamed by many as the Yam Yam’s. With phrases like “Yow alright am ya bab?” you can start to understand where the nickname came from.


3. Liam Payne is your claim to fame

Since Liam Payne rose to fame on X Factor and later with One Direction you’ve been telling anyone you meet about how your long-lost cousin or friend of a friend was in his class at school and you totally met him once.

4. Constantly telling people you’re from Birmingham

Whenever you meet someone who’s not from the Midlands you tend to go with the easy option and just say you’re from Birmingham, because no one really knows where Wolverhampton is.

5. Wolves aye we

Even if you hate football you will have a soft spot for the Wolves which was instilled in you by your relatives. You love Steve Bull and know that if you tried to support any other team your family would possibly disown you. These are the signs you grew up in Wolverhampton!


6. You hate West Brom

That’s right the long-lasting rivalry between Wolves and West Brom means that you automatically hate the baggies. If you bought home a baggies fan your family would definitely have something to say about it.

7. Your dad most likely worked at Goodyear

The skyline of Bushbury was never quite the same when the Goodyear tower got knocked down, but in its heyday your dad most likely built tyres there and you couldn’t be prouder. Plus, we all know they were the best Wolves kit sponsor.

8. Telling everyone we have more canals than Venice

This is probably the fact that most people from Wolverhampton are proud of. Okay so technically it’s Birmingham’s canals but still we’re a part of the canal system, and with over 35 miles of canal we beat Venice which only has 26 miles. These are the signs you grew up in Wolverhampton!


9. You know all about MOTH

MOTH (or Man On The Horse) is the famous statue right in the centre of town where all of the emo kids used to hang out. Literally there were tons. Either you were one of the emo kids or you were someone who used the MOTH as a meeting point in town because of its central location.

10. Realising no one else understand our slang

Often mocked for our sing-song way of talking and our awful accent, our slang is just as hard to understand. How about “Want a glass of council pop our kid?” or “Giz a gew!” By now you’re used to having to tone down your accent around non-Wolverhampton folk.

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11. You were probably born at New Cross

If you were born in Wolverhampton you were probably born at New Cross. The best hospital in the area, far better than the likes of Russell’s Hall and The Manor. It could be considered elite in comparison to the others.

12. Being fine with the fact we were voted fifth worst city in the world

In 2009, we were voted fifth worst city in the WORLD and ever since we’ve been cropping up on similar lists, including the like of the UK’s most miserable cities. Despite this, us Yam Yam’s are fine, we love our miserable city even if no one else does. These are the signs you grew up in Wolverhampton!

13. It’s a cob

The whole bread roll, barm cake fiasco can be settled right here, right now as you know it’s a cob. You may even go as far as to accept the word bap but anything else is ridiculous. Give us a sausage cob any day of the week.


14. You’ve probably been followed around town by the cowboy

There’s a lot of strange people roaming the streets of Wolverhampton but by far one of the most popular was the cowboy. You’ve probably been followed by him at some point; rushing away whilst he gallops after you singing. You’ve also probably had to plan your route to avoid him, it’s all good fun though. These are the signs you grew up in Wolverhampton!

15. Knowing there’s nothing quite like a pint of Banks’

Finally, there’s nothing quite like a pint of locally brewed Banks’ after watching the Wolves win on a Saturday. It’s Wolverhampton’s finest and we love it.

Which of these signs you grew up in Wolverhampton do you relate to? Let us know below.

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