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15 Signs You Grew Up In Manchester

15 Signs You Grew Up In Manchester

If you grew up in the great city of Manchester then you can probably relate to a lot of the signs that we have listed here!

There are few places as iconic as the city of Manchester which, to friends and residents, is affectionately known just as Town. Always buzzing and exciting, this has always been the hive of the latest exciting events in North West England.

But despite it being a popular spot for tourists from all over the world, there are some things you can’t ever fully experience or know as fully as you do if you’ve grown up here. And how can you tell that someone has grown up in Manchester? Well, 15 easy signs are…

1. Afflecks palace and the Northern Quarter was the area to hang out as a teenager.

Adorned with the infamous Manchester Bee, here you learnt how to thrift in the early 2000s and found your favourite vintage outift long before the Hipsters caught on.


2. You actually know your way around the Arndale, including the fact that the myth of multiple entrances is indeed true!

You use this to your advantage whenever there are freebies on offer.

3. Movie nights at the Printworks were a given.

Especially for the latest Harry Potter flick because it felt like being in Diagon Alley.

4. You’ve grown so accustomed to the rain that you have a different coat or jacket for every type of weather.

Just in case.


5. It’s a fact of life that rush hour traffic is inevitable

So you leave Town early to make sure you escape the 2 hour wait for what is usually a15 minute journey.

6. The highlight of every Christmas is the arrival of the German Markets.

This is the time to feast on the best hot chocolate during wintry evenings with your closest friends, and perhaps attempting ice-skating.

7. For some reason, there is absolutely always something going on in Albert Square.

Never necessarily an explanation, but definitely some semblance of scaffolding and stage.


8. You know that no matter how grey the sky, Manchester is the friendliest place on the planet.

If you need directions or a good chat, you’re certain to find someone willing to listen.

9. No occasion is complete without a trip to the Trafford Centre.

Whether it be a birthday meal in the inspired architecture of the food hall (it has its own sky!) or for a game of Laser Quest, it always adds that extra Northern touch.

10. You’ve wandered the curry mile looking for something to new eat

And only got a few minutes down before something smelled so good, you had to stop in to look at the menu.

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11. Looking for a bargain is in your blood.

It doesn’t matter if there is a sale, somehow you will always end up going into a shop and returning with a new thing to replace the thing they didn’t have, as well as a gaint pack of dog food for the dog you don’t have (it was 2 for 1!).

12. Fish and chips is a must on a Friday.

It’s the meal that gets you through the week and everyone has their own preference which must not be questioned, from classic curry sauce to mushy peas.


13. You’re a fan of the arts.

It’s impossible to live in this hectic and vibrant place without attending some comedy, classical music, pop, rock or jazz at least once a fortnight.

14. Football is something you know at least a little on.

With Manchester United and Manchester City being arch rivals, there is always a Shakespearean Montague/Capulet vibe going on when it comes to match days.

15. Nowhere else ever really compares.

Once you’ve grown up in Manchester, it remains home for life. Plus, where else in the world can say they have had the privilege of welcoming legends like Alan Turing, Elizabeth Gaskell and Emmeline Pankhurst?

What do you think are some signs you grew up in Manchester? Let us know in the comments!
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