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15 Signs You Grew Up In Liverpool England That Only Locals Know

15 Signs You Grew Up In Liverpool England That Only Locals Know

Take a look at these true signs you grew up in Liverpool! They are so funny but also so relatable! Only the locals of Liverpool will truly understand!

Growing up in Liverpool is a unique experience full of laughs, excessive drinking and eating, and whole different language you must understand to become a true scouser. Check out these signs you grew up in Liverpool!

1. The Scouse Brow

Perfecting the scouse brow from a young age was an essential part of growing up for Liverpool girls. This usually resulted in shaving your eyebrow or drawing on slug eyebrows, until you perfected the art of the scouse brow.

2. Dress to Impress

Looking your best at all times is one of the things Scousers do very well. Ignoring the stereotype of the scouse girl in The ASDA with her pyjamas and her roller crown on, just remember most of the time that girl is in the preparation process before a night out, so don’t judge. Although, all that preparation is wasted after a few bottles of prosecco, as you will probably end up looking ASHOW by the end of the night, as your makeup disappears, the lashes and extensions come out, and your clutching on to a maccies burger, whilst you wait for your Alpha or Delta taxi.


3. The Raz

It is probably one of the worst clubs you can step foot in, and you may not be able to step your foot out, because the floor is wall to wall sweaty and sticky. But actually, you will be guaranteed a great night if you make it to The Raz or The Blue Angel, which is its actual name, where you can drink the illuminous green fat frog concoction, to your heart’s content or until your feet start to throb.

4. Five-star Scran

Scran is food to a scouser, and the best after hours scran has to be  Nabzy’s or a Krunchy Fried Chicken. how else are you going to soak up the fat frogs?

5. Bowl of Scouse

The ultimate Scouse scran (Food) is a bowl of Scouse,  usually served in the winter months, at least once a week. For all the non-scousers a bowl of scouse is a stew eaten by Scousers to warm the cockles. Expect to be snarled by your family if you decide against eating beetroot with your scouse. Even if you don’t like scouse, you should at least pretend to like it for you Mum or Nan’s sake.


6. Cob On

If a Scouser says they have got a cob on, it doesn’t mean they are in the mood for corn on the cob, it means we are actually in a mood, so forget about asking us if we want any butter with that.

7. Calm down, Calm down!

Are you even a scouser if you haven’t been asked to repeat the words calm down and chicken? First of all, just because Harry Enfield says it doesn’t mean all Scousers do, so calm down! And chicken, although a very random word, does show off the scouse accent very well.

8. Everything is Boss or Sound

Boss or sound are probably two of the most-used words in the scouse vernacular, besides lad of course. Examples include: That’s sound/boss, you are sound/boss, and just plain sound/boss. Any variation will do.


9. Family Parties

As a Scouser, it is important to develop a thick skin from a young age in order to survive a family get together, because is it really a family party if you are not all ripping in to each other with your best one liners?

10. The Arl Fella

One of the most popular sayings that come out of your Dad or Grandad or Arl Fella’s mouth is “Its like Blackpool illuminations in here”, which is usually code for “I’m trying to save leccy (electricity) here, sit in the dark”. This is one of the true signs you grew up in Liverpool!

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11. Red or Blue

Whether you are an outsider or a partner meeting the family for the first time you will be the asked the most important question of all: Are you a red or a blue? Obviously hinting at whether you are a Liverpool or Everton Football club fan. You should pray that you answer the question correctly, and this does not mean choose a more neutral club like Tranmere Rovers, that answer may be worse than telling a red you are a blue. Although when it comes down to it the clubs do come together to support the city, with disasters such as Hillsborough.

12. Never buy The Sun

Ever since the The Sun newspaper slandered the Liverpool fans at the Hillsborough disaster, the city of Liverpool has boycotted the publication, which everybody else should follow suit.

13. Famous family

Occasionally when a Scouser ventures out of Liverpool, they are asked if they know some famous Scouse faces, such as Steven Gerrard or Paul McCartney, which many Scousers usually reply with “Yea Stevie G’s my cousin yano” or “Ye I know Paul he’s my ma’s sister’s dog’s cat’s brother’s third cousin twice removed”. Who wouldn’t believe that? This is another one of the signs you grew up in Liverpool!


14. The Beatles

The people of Liverpool love The Beatles, mostly because it is drummed in to us as children to love them, as your Mum or Dad would play their albums on repeat. But there is one exception to the rule – Ringo Starr – Scousers love John, Paul and George but definitely not Ringo, he is basically a wool in the eyes of Liverpudlians.

15. The Wools

From a young age, you are told that a wool or a woolyback is basically anyone without a purple bin, although there are some exceptions, mostly people from Huyton or Two Dogs Fightin’, as some locals call it. But apart from the exceptions, being classed as a wool is the ultimate insult, so the best thing to do is buy some purple paint. This is definitely one of the signs you grew up in Liverpool!

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