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15 True And Honest Signs You Grew Up In Liverpool England

15 True And Honest Signs You Grew Up In Liverpool England

Take a look at these signs that you grew up in Liverpool England! If you are a true local, you will surely recognise these!

If you grew up in Liverpool in the UK then you will relate to most if not every single one of these signs!

You Treat Every Occasion Like a Wedding

1.Christening? Check. Engagement party? Check. Christening after-party? It’s a stretch, but you can bet the heels will be out and the hair blow-dried to perfection. What’s the point of going to an event if you don’t stand out? This is one of the true signs that you grew up in Liverpool.

You Don’t Blink When You See A Woman in Rollers

2.It’s 8am, you’re in Tesco, and there’s a woman in rollers at the checkout? She obviously has somewhere to be that requires bouncy hair, and we should respect that. The stereotype is true – you will encounter at least one rollered-up woman out and about.


You Know to Leave a Sufficient Amount of Time for Getting Ready

3.The taxi’s coming at eight? Better start getting ready at three. Every scouse girl knows that sufficient time means more time to have at least one inevitable makeup or outfit meltdown – plus you can stretch out the pre-drinking for longer! This is one of the true signs that you grew up in Liverpool.

You’re Practically a Qualified Translator

4.Spending so much time around born-and-bred Scousers means you’ll soon be able to understand several difficult Scouse phrases which you can then politely translate for your non-Scouse friends who are looking more than a little confused. This is one of the true signs that you grew up in Liverpool.

You Know Asda Isn’t its Real Name

5.Living in Liverpool means you’ll know several people who refer to the popular supermarket chain Asda as ‘the Asda’. Nobody knows how it became ‘the Asda’, but it’s definitely stuck now.


You’ve Perfected Your Fake Laugh

6.We’ve all suffered through a painful impression of what the person we just met thinks is a hilarious(read: terrible) impression of the Scouse accent, including several attempts at the most notable Scouse word, ‘chicken’. This is one of the true signs that you grew up in Liverpool.

You Know What Will Stick Around

7.Much like rollers, it’s very unlikely fake tan stock will ever drop in Liverpool. Having a tanned glow all year round is the livelihood of several Scouse girls, and they would rather die than be caught with pale legs even in December.

You Take Liverpool One for Granted

8.I’ve been there – when I moved away to university and found that some people – shock horror – only had one high street in their whole town, I wondered how they’d made it this far. With more money than me, probably. This is one of the true signs that you grew up in Liverpool.


You’re Both Insulting and Loving

9.It’s all fun and games when you’re joking about Scouse stereotypes until a non-Scouser steps in and you have to take them down a peg or two, and let them know you will defend Liverpool to the end.

You Know People from Several Walks of Life

10.What makes Liverpool special is its commitment to diversity and showcasing culture from all over the world. From festivals to displays, the city always proudly shows the heritage of its inhabitants! This is one of the true signs that you grew up in Liverpool.

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You’ve Had a Few Bus Conversations

11.Liverpool is a veryfriendly city. So friendly, in fact, that you’ll probably find yourself involved in at least three conversations with perfect strangers during your time and having to give advice at least once. Take it all in your stride- nothing wrong with making someone’s day!

You Hear People Refer to Their Family in Possessive

12.Your sister? Our Lara. Your brother? Our John. That uncle that isn’t technically your uncle but you’ve known him since you were a baby? Our Mark. You all belong now.

You’re Proud of its Achievements

13.Remember that time Liverpool was Capital of Culture in 2008? Yeah, so do we, and we’ll never forget. We will find a way to shoehorn it into a conversation because, come on, remember when the city was full of lambananas?


You Barely Register the Accent

14.One benefit of growing up around strong accents means that traditionally ‘harsh’ accents no longer grate on you. Birmingham? No biggie. Newcastle? Easy to understand. Bristol? Piece of cake. Cheers for that, Liverpool.

You Know it Will Always Be There

15.Exhibitions may come and go, people may move, the sun may not shine, but the Liver Birds will still be looking out over their city and the River Mersey, watching over their people proudly for years more to come.

Which of these signs that you grew up in Liverpool do you relate to? Let us know in the comments below.

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