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15 Signs You Grew Up In Germany That Every Local Will Understand

15 Signs You Grew Up In Germany That Every Local Will Understand

Take a look at the many signs you grew up in Germany and see what you can relate to or what takes you down memory lane with this list.

Read on through this list of the true signs you grew up in Germany. This country has so much to offer throughout childhood and beyond. You will definitely feel nostalgic reading these…

Potatoes… So many potatoes in every shape and form

You can have potato salad, potato dumplings, potato bread… Germans hold the ability of putting potatoes into every possible food. This is one of the true signs you grew up in Germany.

Additionally to potatoes, we love meat

You know you’re German when no meat in the world is as good as the meat at home. Ah good old German Bratwurst.


You’re obsessed with football

… even though you don’t actually know anything about football. But during the world cup you’re proud to call yourself German and support #diemannschaft (maybe not the last world cup though…). 

hmm… throwback to better times in Brazil.



When I tell people I’m from Germany, I automatically add Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is like Christmas for Germans, and we love it so much every town now has its own local version of a beer festival. This is one of the most famous signs you grew up in Germany.

And since we’re already at traditional festivals, nearly everyone owns a traditional outfit

… though that might just be in Bavaria, I’m not too sure. But the traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen have gained so much fame that Germans seem to be associated with it internationally. 

People constantly tell you that German is such a harsh language

Honestly, I can’t hear it? 


And how long our words are Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz… ha ha you read right, that’s ONE word and it basically translates to a law regulating the testing of beef. I don’t know either…

The second you move somewhere else, the first thing you miss is… Bread

Sorry mum, but German bread is something else. Buns, pretzels, pastries, etc… and bakeries round every corner… heaven.

You’re allowed to drink alcohol and go clubbing at 16

Whenever I tell people that we’re allowed to legally drink at 16, people never really believe me or are shocked. We’re not allowed to buy any alcohol though, only beer and wine… which is still enough.

St. Nikolaus

When I moved to England I was a bit confused that no one seemed to celebrate Nikolaus on the 6th of December. On the 5th of December, every German child puts an empty shoe, a glass of milk and cookies out for the Nikolaus and if the child has been good, the shoe will be filled with treats and little presents. However, there’s also a myth of a Krampus, who travels with the Nikolaus and puts naughty children in his sack… 


Germans don’t have Santa…they have the ‘Christkind’

You know you’re German, when on the evening of the 24th you’re waiting for the Christkind (Baby Jesus) to come and bring you presents.

It’s weird that people celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December

…when it’s clearly the 24th.. duh, that’s when Jesus was born!

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Winter wonderland is definitely not the same as a real German Christmas Market

It’s so overpriced…



Just the same as bread, no beer tasted as good as good old German beer. If you know how amazing German beer is, then you can relate to this as one of the signs you grew up in Germany!

You actually wait for the Green Man

When you’re from Germany, you’ve been taught from a very, very young age to never cross the road when it’s red. I repeat… Never.


Which of these signs you grew up in Germany can you relate to? Let us know in the comments.

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