11 Signs You Grew Up In France

Do you know the signs that someone grew up in France? Knowing the signs someone grew up in France help you recognize a French person from a mile away.

Do you know the signs that someone grew up in France? If you grew up in France, there are certain things that only French people will know and understand. Here are 11 signs that show you grew up in France.

1. We take an hour long to eat our lunch

A lunch break should not be rushed and French people like to take their time to eat. We consider it to be a basic human right. This is considered an important social time. We like to talk with our family, friends or colleague around food.

2. We take our food very seriously

Food is taken very seriously in France. One does not joke about this topic without starting an argument. This is part of our culture, and we’re proud of the recognition we’ve got for our cuisine.


3. A lunch is NOT complete without a dessert

Aside from taking our sweet time to eat, we always end our meal with some kind of dessert. It can be a fruit or a pastry. This is one of those little pleasures we allow ourselves to have.

11 Signs You Grew Up In France


4. Not everyone drinks coffee in a bowl

It’s a very common image that foreigners have of the French. I’m not saying that nobody does that, surely some people do, but that’s not the majority of the population. In fact, most people drink their coffee in a mug like the rest of the world.

5. We find flavoured syrups delicious

You’re missing out on something if you haven’t tried it yet. Flavoured syrups are very popular in France. We mainly drink them cold in the summer for a refreshing feeling.

6. We are very knowledgeable about cheese

If you’re born in France, you grew up learning about different types of cheese at a young age. It’s because cheese is an essential part of the French meal. It’s eaten after the main course and before the dessert with some bread. French loves their cheese!


11 Signs You Grew Up In France

7. We are genetically programmed to complain about everything

French people love to complain. It’s in our DNA and we can do nothing about it. We complain about the government, the weather, our neighbour, our food, pretty much everything.


8. It’s a given that healthcare and education should be free

Wait, you actually pay for it?! We don’t and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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9. We go on strike for pretty much everything

If we disagree with something the government said, we go on strike. As simple as that. We have rights and we are ready to fight for these to be respected.


10. We love to chant Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes during sport events

This song is our football anthem. But if you ask a French person the origins of this tradition or the name of the song, most of them won’t be able to answer. It’s mostly chanted during football matches when we score a goal but it is also used for other events.

11 Signs You Grew Up In France


11. We love our baguette and nothing will ever change that fact

OK, I don’t like tapping into stereotypes, but it is true that French people love their baguette and consume it on a daily basis. You can eat it with jam, a cup of coffee, chocolate spread or use it to make a sandwich. It can be eaten with pretty much everything!

11 Signs You Grew Up In France

Did you grow up in France? Are there other signs that show that you grew up in France? Comment below and share your opinion!

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