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15 Signs You Grew Up In Bradford

15 Signs You Grew Up In Bradford

This is a list of all of the signs that you grew up in Bradford! Does our list meet your expectations? Read to find out if it does!

Here are 15 signs that you grew up in Bradford!

1. You know the great debate between Salahs vs UKs

2. You can’t remember what life was like before they opened Broadway.

3. You try tell everyone you meet that it is the curry capital of the UK – we’re very proud of this fact!

4. Cars stopping in the middle of the road so lads can chat to each other is normal, no one beeps, you just drive around them.

5. New drivers only attempt driving up Leeds Road if they’re feeling super brave!

6. That being said – if you can drive in Bradford, you can drive anywhere.

7. If someone asks where you live, stating the first half of your postcode is enough. BD5? Ahhh those ends…

8. The great Bradford vs Birmingham debate. Also known as the longest running debate of all time.

9. You’re determined to prove to people that it’s actually a pretty great city!

10. If anyone from out of the UK or down south as where you’re from you just say Leeds.

11. Any time you drove past the M62 house, it felt like you were on holiday.

12. When your parents took you to Hollywood Bowl and then Pizza Hut it was like Christmas had come early!

13. Complaining that there isn’t anything to do in Bradford even though you know there is the Alhambra, National Media Museum, Leisure Exchange, City Park, Lister Park and Broadway to go to.

14. Not knowing that Seabrook crisps were made in Bradford for pretty much half of your life even though you smelt it driving down Ingleby Road every day.

15. Bradford will always be home, no matter how many years you lived there for.

What do you think are some signs that you grew up in Bradford? Let us know in the comments!
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