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20 Signs You Go To The University of Nottingham

20 Signs You Go To The University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham is a beautiful school with a lot to offer its students. With that in mind, here are some of the signs you're def a student there.

What’s the greatest University in world? University of Nottingham, ofc. The University of Nottingham students are green and gold and PROUD. Of course they are. The University of Nottingham is a fantastic and unique university experience. Unique you say? How? Well, let me tell you. Check out these 20 signs that you go to the University of Nottingham and see for yourself what makes Nottingham special and different. And, of course, the best uni ever.

1. Na na na na na na Batman!

That’s right, in Wollaton deer park merely just opposite uni park, is Wollaton hall. The hall was used in the recent Batman movies with Christian Bale. Plus inside there is a load of creepy and cool taxidermy. Make sure you check it out. A sign you went to the University of Nottingham is that you made the clamber up the hill to see Batman’s house and got a cheeky pic.

2. The cult

Ocean every Friday. You know the score. You’ve also purchased and actually wear the hideous yellow ocean shirts. I told you it was a cult.


3. Lenton hub

A sign you went to the University of Nottingham is that you must have at one point lived in Lenton. If not you must have been to a house party there. Lenton is home and heart for UON students.

4. Drive by

If you do live in Lenton and have a car, you’ve definitely played a lot of running games from the parking officer.

5. Cash money

You know that the Lenton Sainos is “one of the most expensive in the UK” but you still go in there at least once a day…


6. Have a good stein

A relatively new addition to Notts, but making big waves is the Nottingham Bierkeller. A pic with a beer as big as your face is a sign you go to the university of Nottingham.

7. Que for it

You’ve spent a lot of your time estimating the queue size of Ocean and Crisis every week. Trying to work out the perfect time to call and Uber when you don’t have a ticket.

8. Domin-hoes

Eat, sleep, breathe dominoes. Mainly because of the frequent deals. Mostly because they deliver to campus and Lenton.


9. B e a utiful

You’ve definitely had a picture in one of the rowing boats on the lake. Probably in front of the Trent building. Let’s be honest, a sign you go to UON is that you recognise how beautiful, picturesque and picture perfect the campus is.

10. Diss is great

UON students are famous for their Instagram dissertation photos with many “diss” themed puns. Again in front of the beaut Trent building is a popular one. #dissistrue

11. Luvyababes

The only shop you frequently go to in Notts. For all those fancy dress occasion. UON students dress up a lot. And Luvyababes is the only store for it.


12. Rivals

UON students have a long and historical rivalry with Nottingham Trent University, especially at varsity. Green and gold vs. the pinks. Many a chant has been shouted. But UON student’s dirty little secret is that they love Trent SU on a Saturday… shhhh.

13. Rulers of the land

The geese own the campus. A run in with the geese, or goose poo, is a definite sign you go to the University of Nottingham. But they always look so nice on the uni Instagram…

14. All carbs

Catered halls “potato theme night” notorious and you know about it.

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15. Urban legends

These are passed down every year… you know what Rutland rhymes with…

16. Cock Soc

If you go to UON you’ve had a pic in front of the “cock” in the “cock soc” sign, don’t be shy now you saucy minxes.


17. Buy/Sell

You’re in it. You’ve hopefully seen the video of that time the guy tried to eat 100 chicken nuggets… it’s full of some right gems.

18. Blue Bells

One pint of Jager please. Christ. Only £5 too.

19. Berti

Hallward’s cat. There to cheer you up as you head into the library to revise. A celebrity on campus.


20. Mans is hot

Possibly the best place to eat on campus…? Claims. A sign you’re a UON student is that you’ve sat hungover, sweating and waiting for your number to come up on the board. Tasty.

If you’re a UON student, how many of these applied to you? More than one we imagine!

Let us know if you can relate and what are some other signs you go to University of Nottingham in the comments!
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