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20 Signs You Go To Loughborough University

20 Signs You Go To Loughborough University


Whether you’re a first year or a postgrad, it is undeniable that Loughborough University is one of the most awesome universities in the country. After being here for some time you will have noticed some things very typical to Loughborough. Keep reading for 20 signs you go to Loughborough University!

1. You live in sports clothes.

Sport is one of the many things we are good at here at Loughborough and many of us have training to make on a regular basis. So it’s easier to go round to lectures ready in your kit. Plus, sports clothes are super comfy!

2. You don’t get as excited as a normal person when you see a GB athlete round campus.

Loughborough is the home to many of GB’s training bases so naturally the famous athletes can be spotted walking round campus going to the union or PowerBase. But it’s the norm, you’ll most likely see them a few times a week so obviously you don’t get as excited anymore. You also know not to ask them for their autograph too avoid looking far too keen!


3. You either own an AU hoodie or Loughborough University hoodie.

If you’re in an AU team you will have bought one of the hoodies to show everyone that you do sport at AU level so you must the real deal! This is the ultimate way to show this to everyone round campus. You may have also bought one of the Loughborough University hoodies from the Union most likely in grey or navy for a more casual look. Everyone knows these are ridiculously comfy! By the way, if you have the ‘Loughborough Sport’ hoodie that disguises itself as an AU hoodie you will get judged.

4. You are aware of how windy it is here in Loughborough.

For some reason here in Loughborough whenever you step outside it’s always so windy! We basically have our own microclimate. Girl’s you may as well forever keep your hair tied back because otherwise it’ll be flying all over the place. You’ll know that the windiest place on campus is there road leading past the PO and Whitworth down to the West Park.

5. You’ll detest Durham students.

We are better at sport than them and they just can’t accept that. But it’s all put to the test on the famous D-Day when we compete against them in multiple sports. Majority of the time we will come out on top but we still don’t like them. So what if they’re higher in the league tables than us? We walk on water!



6. You find yourself in a room filled with the majority of guys.

The ratio between guys and girls can be a blessing or a curse. We all know there are way more guys here than girls which can work in favour if you’re a single girl. But for us girls, often stepping into a room where there it literally all guys and one or two girls can sometimes be very daunting. For the guys though, this ratio means there is lots of competition so you’ll have to head to the gym to get some gains to impress the few girls that are here.

7. You know VK’s are life.

Nights out can sometimes be a little expensive but as a Loughborough student you know that you’ll always been able to afford a cheeky VK. And if you’re lucky you’ll remember that in the Union they sell three for a fiver or sometimes £4.50! On a night out you will mainly drink these and they’ll keep you lovely and drunk.


8. You’ll have echos shoes.

Owning a pair of these shoes Saturdays can get quite boring and if you’re not hanging too much from FND you’ll make the trip to echos for the night. It’s was of the grimiest clubs in town but it’s also one of the best. You’ll always have to make sure you wear your echos shoes because the floor is so vile in there and nice shoes will just get destroyed.

9. Protein shakes are the only things you drink.

As you do sport you’ll need to get them gains all the time. So when you aren’t destroying your session in the gym you’ll be sipping on protein shakes for extra gains. Gains are important.

10. You had to consider which gym to join, not if you should join.

You had to choose between either PowerBase, Holywell or one in town. You didn’t need to decide if you were going to join a gym you just had to work out which one was right for you. It was most likely Base wasn’t it?


11. You feel sorry for those people who live in Towers.

You’ll only like Towers if you live there. Otherwise for the rest of us we will continually feel sorry for you for multiple reasons. Like if there’s a fire you’re all screwed or because the whole building just looks like a prison. The only good thing about it is that they get catered food 7 days a week but even that’s pretty rubbish.

12. You’ll awkwardly say “Oh cool” when someone tells you they don’t do sport.

Being a sports uni, we all just assume that everyone does sport. But of course that’s not the case. So after you have just told someone that you train 10+ times a week and compete a national standard and finally ask them what sport they do they’ll tell you that they don’t do anything. So awkward right?! So you just kind of stand there unsure of how to handle the situation so you just say “Oh cool”.

13. You have to get the Kinchbus round campus because your legs are destroyed after training/leg day.

You’re probably guilty for doing this let’s not lie. You can barely walk your legs are in that much pain. You can’t even walk up the ‘hill’ from Pilks, you just can’t. So obviously you’re only option is the bus.


14. Hating on the cleaners that come into your hall to clean your room at ridiculous-o’clock.

Most of us have lived in halls in our first year or are currently in halls now. If you’re lucky enough you will have a cleaner that will come in either every week or other to clean your room. It sounded like a good thing at first right? Wrong. They always seem to want to come in on the days you have the morning off and it’s around 9am! So naturally you just hate these people. It’s harsh and they are doing you a solid but they ruin well needed sleep.

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15. You’ll have unsure feelings towards the locals.

The Loughborough locals are an odd bunch. Some of them absolutely detest us students where as some of them love us but most of the time they hate us. As we basically take over their town for nine months each year I suppose it makes sense but you won’t be able to decide if you hate them back or if you just have no feelings what so over for them.



16. Everyone assumes you study Sport and Exercise Science.

The amount of people that have just assumed you study this is unreal. You go to Loughborough the best sports uni in the country but there is more than just sports and exercise science! We are brilliant at engineering as well but nope they still assume you study sport.

17. You’ll have had multiple squad trips already to the new Nando’s in town.

Cheeky Nando’s are the best aren’t they? The new Nando’s in town only opened up this year and it was a blessing so no doubt you’ll have already been down there several times with your squad to get some spicy chicken in your life.


18. You’ll hate market day in town.

Oh my god, the pain that is market day. You just want to go into town to get some food or go to Primark and the market is on. So this means you’re surrounded by locals and it takes you about 20 minutes to walk from one end of the market to the other. Like seriously how slow do people want to walk and why do so many people want to even go to market?!

19. Forever being almost hit by the cyclists round campus.

You’ll be strolling to lectures, the day is lovely, you’re happy then as you’re about to cross the road a cyclist comes speeding past almost crashing into you. Why are there soooo many cyclists round campus? They’re literally everywhere. You’ll almost get hit around 5-8 times a day so watch out.

20. You’ll have jumped in the fountain outside Hazelgrave.

All Loughborough students have done this and if you haven’t you need to. It’s considered one of the many rites of passage here so after you next FND trip get swimming but maybe wait till the summer when you won’t die of hypothermia.



What are some other signs you go to Loughborough University? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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