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Signs You Are The Queen Of Pettiness

Signs You Are The Queen Of Pettiness

Signs You Are The Queen Of Pettiness

So we can all be a little on the petty side sometimes, but how do you truly know when you’ve taken it too far? When is it time for you to get that crown out and accept that you’ve smashed being a drama? Here are five signs you are the queen of being petty, and if you wish to be, here is how! 

You constantly look for the bad.

If someone has done you wrong, and you forgive them. That is great! But if you’ve forgiven them and secretly, you’re still searching for those small problems that aren’t there. You’re on step 1! This could be anything. Maybe your bestie cancelled on you, then hung out with someone else. Ridiculous right? But, why still be mad. If you’re trying to change your outlook, then maybe learn to take things light-heartedly. Don’t sweat the small stuff because in the end, it won’t matter.  

You’ll tell other people you’re mad at someone, rather than telling the actual person.  

Sometimes we get mad, but communication is the only way that you can clear the air. If you’re a petty queen you will OWN this, but if you’re trying to change your ways. Buckle your seat belt, swallow your pride and tell them why you’re mad, and sort it out. You’ll have more problems failing to say how you feel to the right person I.e the problem, because you’ll create more problem. BE THE BIGGER PERSON! 


 Rolling your eyes is just part of your everyday routine now.

People are stressful and rolling your eyes is something that gets your through the hard and long days, I get it. But if your friend is talking and you can barely focus on the conversation without rolling your eyes, then GIRL, you’re the QUEEN of pettiness. Again, own it. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not okay. You’re constantly screenshot everything for EVIDENCE!

Get them screenshots in! This isn’t exactly the most major thing, but it is an essential part of being the queen of pettiness. Oh, she said something about your other friend? SCREENSHOT. He’s flirting with you, but he’s got a girlfriend? SCREENSHOT. Prep yourself girl, you can be helping those fellow people. Or creating a little bit of drama for your own entertainment!  

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 You use social media to throw shade. 

This relates to the lack of communication thing, but it will only worsen the situation for you. Be the bigger person maybe in this situation and don’t cover your social media with it! It makes you look like a bad person, and queen or not, this will great a bad perception of you. You want to be petty and a little peaceful, you can’t be the person in between all the memes on Facebook or Instagram complaining.  


You encourage others to be petty with you.  

Lastly, but not least. Encouraging people isn’t entirely a bad thing, as some people sweat stuff and they have no idea how to communicate it so sometimes encouraging them to talk about it even if it’s negatively but don’t MAKE people be petty, If you are, own it. Be the queen. But don’t make other people stoop to your level, you got this. You’re the queen, and a queen doesn’t need an army to fight her battles. Especially not when she is the petty one!  

Moral of the story is if you love to be a little petty then continue, but if you can relate to this and it’s made you a little aware and you’re not okay with it. Change it! Be the opposite to all these things, but maybe keep the eye roll. Sometimes people are stupid.  Good luck in your pettiness people, and I hope that this directs you on either how to change your pettiness or maximize that pettiness to 100. Pettiness could be the way forward,  right?

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