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10 Signs You Are Obsessed With Game Of Thrones

10 Signs You Are Obsessed With Game Of Thrones

A list of behaviours that make a Game of Thrones fan go from fan to obsessed. Find out which behaviours have landed you on the scale.

There is no escaping the fanatic labyrinth that follows Game of Thrones. Whether you have been watching since the pilot dropped in April 2011, have binged watched your way to the final season, or have never clapped eyes on a single episode there is no escaping it. But how do you know when you have reached fully obsessed? Below there are ten reasons to show you could survive in Westeros…

You have lost several hours of your life reading fan theories.

If you think the Waif really killed Arya Stark and stole her face in Season 6. You are probably also convinced that Bran Stark may also be the Night King, Gendry is the legitimate child of Cersei Lannister/Robert Baratheon or that Samwell Tarly is telling the story as a maester in the future (Major Lost vibes).If you have spent hours and hours theorising how the show will end you are definitely on the obsessed scale.

You bought yourself a pet husky to show you’re a true Stark

As a fan of GOT, you realise the importance of the stark children’s dire wolves. Each represents a part of their owner, therefore, you probably – like me- wished they were real. Therefore, you bought the closest thing you could; a husky.


You are on constant countdown until the next fix.

Each time you hear the theme song chime out you are on constant countdown until next Sunday. If you joined the fandom late and binged watched each season; waiting weeks between episodes feels barbaric. You seek out people in work the next day to talk about it. Just so you can satisfy a small part of the anticipation.

Constantly trying to avoid spoilers

Spoilers are inevitable. Its worse for us lot in the UK, staying up until 2 am when you’re working early the next day makes it impossible to have watched it. Therefore, spoilers may ruin your life. As Game of Thrones has been such a huge success its impossible to avoid them.


It becomes your mission to avoid overhearing conversations of co-workers or opening up social media and seeing a headline of the latest episode. Every fan should be guaranteed a Monday off to heal from the latest shenanigans of Westeros.

Emotionally attached to all of the characters.

From Season 1 you have been able to keep the conveyer belt of characters straight in your head. From well-known characters like Daenerys Targaryen, Ned Stark or Jaime Lannister to the lesser known Hottie, Qyburn or Shae you know them all.

With an epic like GOT, it can become difficult to keep track of all the intertwining stories but somehow you’ve managed. More than that you can recite every character that has ever appeared on the screen. A true accomplishment.



You re-watched every episode in preparation for the final season.

Since there were a year and a half hiatus between Season 7 and Season 8, the only way to prepare was to watch every season back to back. You took on the challenge armed with snacks like Brienne with her sword.


Approaching the sofa emulating your best Cersei Lannister smirk you nestled down like you were on your own Iron Throne.

You’ve attended comic-con.

Now comic-con is not for the faint of heart. Its full of die-hard fans in costume all fighting to get a glimpse of the people that bring their favourite characters to life.

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However -regardless of all that- If the Game of Thrones cast were confirmed then you were going to attend. Armed in your favourite character’s apparel you queue to meet the actors and you regret nothing.

You own a butt load of merchandise

Forget the books and box-sets; that’s child’s play. You’ll buy anything that has Game of Thrones on it. These include t-shirts, monopoly, jewellery, pillows, throws and much more. It’s simple if it has your favourite shows logo on it your buying it; regardless of what it is.


Do not disturb.

As soon as the main theme starts up it’s a rule there must be utmost silence in your household. Crunchy snacks are banned and ad breaks are the only time you get a reprieve to use the facilities. Nothing can get in the way of you hearing every second of dialogue in this political battleground.

 You don’t know what will happen to you when it ends…

Spending 8 years dedicated to a show that will happily kill off characters left, right and centre you are completely aware of the prospect that it will come to a disappointing ending. This doesn’t mean you aren’t terrified.

With a final season of a mere six episodes, it seems unachievable that the show-runners will bring this epic to a satisfying conclusion. However, you are still hopeful. Although, the sheer thought that this show is coming to an end is wretched and you wonder how many months you will spend mourning the loss.


With only a couple of episodes left, do you recognise anything you’ve done above? Let us know in the comments below.

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