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15 Signs You Are Obsessed With Bubble Tea

15 Signs You Are Obsessed With Bubble Tea

The sweetness of the sugar, the chewy tapioca treats in the bottom of your cup and the novelty of having such a fun and instagrammable drink will mean you are addicted in no time, and always seeking your next Boba fix. These are 15 signs that you may be completely and utterly obsessed with bubble tea.

Bubble tea, also known as Boba Tea, is a craze that has swept the UK in recent years. (Despite originating in Taiwan back in the 1980s.) Its recent rise in popularity means it’s now easier than ever to try it, as more and more Bubble tea shops are popping up on the high street and in city centres. However, once you try it, you may be immediately hooked! The sweetness of the sugar, the chewy tapioca treats in the bottom of your cup and the novelty of having such a fun and instagrammable drink will mean you are addicted in no time. You’ll always be seeking out your next Boba fix. These are 15 signs that you may be completely and utterly obsessed with bubble tea.

No other drink seems right without the tapioca balls in

Though you may have never before relished the idea of bits floating in your drink, you now miss them every time you drink anything that isn’t bubble tea. The addition of those sweet and chewy tapioca balls or pieces of fruit jelly that you also drink through your iconic big straw is the perfect accompaniment to your drink, and noticing that they aren’t there is a sure sign that you are obsessed with bubble tea!

There are three main types that you can have added to your bubble tea: tapioca, jellies and fruit pearls! These all are slightly different textures and flavours. Fruit pearls are filled with a fruity juice as you bite into them, enhancing the flavour of your tea even more.


You know exactly why Bubble tea is called bubble tea – and it’s not to do with the pearls

Your bubble tea trivia knowledge is pretty good, and the next time that someone tries to tell you that bubble tea is named after the tapioca pearls, you will be ready for them!

Bubble tea actually gets its name from the small floating bubbles that are created on the surface of the drink, by the vigorous shaking involved in making the tea. This is usually done in bubble tea shops by large machines, and it’s why your drink probably has a lid that you have to pierce with a straw.

You have a favourite recipe

When you walk into your favourite bubble tea shop, you know exactly what you are about to ask for – you are prepared. You have a favourite flavour, favourite type of tapioca balls and you know what you want.


But you still want to try something new every time

Despite having a solid favourite recipe, you are still slightly overwhelmed by the available menu!  The flavours of the fruit teas, milk teas, tapioca and fruit jelly on offer means that even though you are often loyal to your firm favourite, you still like to mix it up from time to time and fall in love with bubble tea all over again.

You talk about it to everyone who will listen

Your friends, your family, your colleagues… Everyone knows just how much you love bubble tea, and you try and persuade everyone who will listen that they need to try it. This is one of the top signs that you are obsessed with bubble tea!


You have a favourite bubble tea place

Just like people have a favourite coffee place, you have a favourite bubble tea place! There are lots of different tea shops in cities throughout the UK, but London has a large selection of tea shops to choose. Some of the best include: Biju Bubble Tea Room, Mooboo, and the first Bubble tea room in London – Bubbleology.

You have learnt how to make bubble tea at home

Fortunately for all you bubble-tea addicts out there, bubble tea is actually surprisingly easy to make at home, provided you have all the right ingredients. This is a big sign that you are obsessed with bubble tea, because you need to have access day and night to your bubble tea fix!

This bubble tea recipe by the Kitchn shows you how to prepare your boba, as well as the different ways you can make the tea to be ice cold or ready instantly. Of course, the recipe is totally customisable and it’s up to you which flavours you go for – but if you’re totally obsessed with bubble tea, this trial-and-error for flavour recipes will all be part of the fun!


You can insert your straw like a pro

The airtight seal on your bubble tea is so it can be shaken by machinery to produce those little bubbles. Fun fact, your tea is named after those bubble. This process will make a cool and well-blended drink. Beware that if you smash your straw into the lid, you’ll end up with a leaky drink.

Instead, put your thumb on the top of the straw to make an airtight seal before inserting your straw. This will secure the straw in place tightly and minimise potential leakage!

You subscribe to Boba Life Box

Boba Life’s monthly subscription box, priced at £24.50, will deliver a large box with a selection of ingredients that will make 10 cups of bubble tea. They come with a surprise selection each month. You’ll learn even more about how to make your own fab tasting bubble tea! And become what Boba Life adorably refer to as a Bubblista!

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You have bubble tea accessories

Pin badges, stickers, even plushies – you can pick up a wide range of items to show off your bubble tea obsession, and they are all super cute!

And your bubble tea obsession has even affected your beauty routine

This bubble tea sleeping mask by Etude House is available in strawberry, green tea, and black tea flavours! You can wear this mask over night for added moisture on your face.


You know that it’s high in sugar, but you can’t stop drinking it anyway

Sugar has been recently highlighted as one of the main issues in our diet, causing obesity and health problems. The government has recently started to try to tackle this problem by introducing stricter taxes on sugar. It’s important to remember that despite your obsession, these drinks should be enjoyed in moderation!

Many tea shops will accommodate you if you are trying to lower your sugar intake. By adjusting the recipe you don’t have to worry about cutting them out of your diet!

You have strong feelings in the milky vs fruity debate

With all sorts of fantastic flavours available, there is one key difference that can be made in your bubble tea. Do you want it to be a milky drink, or a fruity drink? It’s a sure sign you’re truly obsessed with bubble tea. If you have a strong opinion about this and can argue about why you’re right, you’re a pro!


You know that freshness is important

Anyone who is obsessed with Bubble tea will know that the sooner you drink bubble tea, the better it is! With the seal on the cup, some people buy it in advance and keep it in the fridge for later. But the sooner you drink it, the better the flavour and texture of the tea.

The Bubble Tea aesthetic is very important to you

Getting the right photograph with your bubble tea is essential. You take great care to surrounded it with pastel colours and unusual or unique cups. It is a key part of the bubble tea process. So you can share your bubble tea obsession with the world, duh!

What signs do you think show that someone is totally obsessed with bubble tea? Share them with us in the comments below!
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