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10 Signs You Are Not Ready For A New Relationship

10 Signs You Are Not Ready For A New Relationship

So maybe you are ready for a new relationship, although if you chose to read this post, chances are you think you're not. Read these signs and you'll know!

So maybe you are ready for a new relationship, although if you chose to read this post, chances are you think you’re not. Maybe you’re still in love with your ex… deny it all you want, we all know its true, and it’s okay, we’ve all been there. But maybe I’m wrong? If that’s the case, check out these other signs that suggest you are not ready for a new relationship.

 1. You’re still checking for recent updates on their Instagram page 

OMG, a new story!!! Need to check that out ASAP. Um. Wait. Who’s this liking his picture? Is that a new follower I see? FFS. DAY RUINED.  

2. Nights are long, lonely and wine can only comfort you so far

Yeah sure wine does the job for the first two hours, then what?  Now I’m drunk and need someone to talk to. Hit up my gal pal? No, wait she’s with her new man. Hit up that guy from pryzm? Nope, he was a bit of a weirdo. Looks like its Big Bang Theory on repeat for me tonight.


3. You relate to love songs like never before

Let me set the scene for you:

You’re sat by the window, it’s raining, “Heart – Alone” is playing through your earphones, a tear trickles down your cheek. You’re thinking about all the good times you shared. The times you laughed together, the times you wined and dines together. And all you can think is: I will never love like that again. *cue violin*

4. A nice outfit is a waste if he didn’t see it 

You mean I diverted my route to uni a whole 20 mins just so I could walk by his house and he still didn’t see me?! I even stood outside his lecture room but no, he was too busy with the “lads” to notice my new jeans and haircut. Utterly useless. It’s okay. Take two tomorrow. 


5. Your friends are tired of hearing his name

Friend: Oh really, you texted him again? *rolls eyes* What are you going to say this time? *rolls eyes* he did what? *sighs* She’s probably just his friend, chill.

You: Yeah, you’re probably right



You: I’m just gonna text him “hi”.

6. You can’t watch a romcom without thinking “ah those were the days” 

Love actually? Hitch? Knocked up? Whatever it is, it gives you ALL the feels. You’ll be watching, thinking, “Aw, I remember when we did that. Aw, we used to watch that. Aw, we went there”. OK we get it, you had a boyfriend.

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Round Two

OK, if you don’t relate to these signs you might just well be over your ex. Congrats. You’ve reached the second round. What else can be telling that you’re not ready for a new relationship? 

7. You’re focusing on other aspects of your life 

Be it school work, uni work, or maybe you’re trying to climb up your career ladder, a relationship just isn’t what youre working on right now. And thats fine. The time will come. You think if it happens, it happens. 

8. You’re not happy within yourself 

Before getting into a  new relationship it’s important that you are happy. There’s no point looking for someone to fill that empty hole, or occupy that empty space in your life because 9/10 they won’t and you’ll be left disappointed. A relationship should be a display of your happiness not its foundation. 


9. You haven’t unpacked your emotional baggage

Theres no point going into a relationship with past unresolved issues. They’ll either come back to haunt you or manifest into something like communication issues. After all, you can only start to pack for another holiday once you’ve un packed from the last. 

10. You don’t think your ready for another relationship. 

Trust your instincts. If you don’t think you’re ready, chances are, you’re probably not. Simple as that, really. 

When it comes to love and relationships, there’s really no need to rush. Take you’re time and you’ll find it or maybe it’ll come to you.

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