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10 Signs You Are Generation Z

10 Signs You Are Generation Z

If you wonder what the differences between Millennials and Generation Z are, then you've come to the right place! Here are the differences!

I’m sure you’ve heard who Millennials are but does Generation Z ring a bell at all? Every generation has been brought up in different times and has its own signature look and traits. Although Millennials and Generation Z have a lot in common, there is a fine line between them that I will break down for you. Here is the list of 10 Signs You Are Generation Z!

1. Generation Z Was Born In The Mid-90s

There have been many studies carried out on differences between generations and the timeframes for each of them. If you want to find out if you belong to Generation Z then follow along and listen up! Scientists agreed that people born between 1995 and 2010 are Generation Z members! If you fall into this category, you are most likely Gen Z and you know the deal! Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and hours spent in front of a TV watching all the shows they had on offer. Plus scooter rides and hide and seek games with friends – are you with me? Oh, good old times!

2. Generation Z Is Mostly Gender Neutral

If I had to come up with a general motto or phrase that Generation Z lives by, it would probably be ‘Express Yourself’. And this is exactly what they do! In the world of rules and restrictions, they’ve found their own way through it all. Individualism is the key word here!


3. Generation Z Is Competitive

But what is Generation Z really like? – you may ask! Well, let me tell you something real quick – very competitive! Contrary to Millennials, Generation Z is known for its lack of team working skills. They prefer working on their own rather than share space with others! they are very aware of the constant need for skill improvement and they know that having a vast skill set and talents will pay off in the future.

4. Generation Z Wants To Be Independent

Their independence is linked to their competitiveness as Gen Z prefers managing their own projects rather than an open workspace. They are also very conscious of their income and money, and would be happier avoiding paying the debt! Members of Generation Z are more likely to skip higher education and find online alternatives that would help them develop and build their own empire.

5. Generation Z is More Entrepreneurial

This is phenomenal! Studies show that over 70% of Gen Z wish to have their own business in the future and be financially successful. They feel empowered and greatly motivated to work hard in order to get the results they want.


6. Generation Z Are Digital Natives

Generation Z – you are literally the experts in the field of technology! They grew up with smartphones, flat TVs and iPads – technology is in their veins! Gen Z doesn’t need any manuals to work it ou because it is easy peasy lemon squeezy for him – it is very instinctual! This is the Generation WiFi and they’re used to being on top of everything that’s happening in their phone world.

7. Generation Z Are Good Multi-taskers

These guys are incredible at multi-tasking! Yes, they spend hours on their phones, but let me reassure you that they check their phone while writing an essay and speaking to a friend directly. If this isn’t multi-tasking, then tell me what is!

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8. Generation Z Thrives Flexibility

Gen Z get what they want! And if they don’t, they work hard to get there! Members of Generation Z desire flexibility over anything else. These guys’ ideal job isn’t 9-5 office job – they wish to do what they want when they want and according to their rules!

9. Generation Z Wants Balance Between Work And Life

Life is not just about work and paying bills, and Gen Z is more aware of it than any other generation! I dare say that most of us, if not all, would love to be financially independent and free to live the life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. It may sound cliche but they seem to know more about practising living than any other generation.

10. Generation Z And Face-To-Face Communication

This one surprised me the most, to be honest! Who would have thought that these digital creatures often considered by most people to be ‘anti-social’ would be the ones enjoying face-to-face conversations? When it comes to a workplace, the research suggests that Generation Z members prefer communication in-person rather than by phone or email.

Is there anything else about Generation Z that you’ve noticed? Or maybe you’re Generation Z and would like to share your thoughts with us? Let us know in the comments.
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