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10 Signs You Are Gay

10 Signs You Are Gay

We all have that moment in our lives where we stop and think “sh*t am I gay? Are you? Find out here!

We all have that moment in our lives where we stop and think “sh*t am I gay?” You’ve either just brushed this off or you’ve realised you were a massive queer. With that in mind, here are 10 signs you might be gay.

1. You’ve Watched Every Season Of RuPaul’s Drag Race

We all have a series we binge watch and wait all year for and I know many straight guys who watch RPDR with their girlfriends but c’mon you’re not fooling anyone when you’re making it your religion to get home every week and make sure you’re on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn by 10:00 pm to see which Qween gets the chop. Are you sure you’re not gay?


2. You Have A Very Specific Hair Routine

If your the type of guy who can’t leave the house without doing your hair then the sirens are definitely going off. We all have our way of doing our hair but if you’re spending over 20 minutes in the bathroom fixing every strand for that guy, you might as well just come out as gay now.

3. You Have A Singer You Adore

We all have that one celebrity we listen 24/7 but when these singers are Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Gaga and Beyonce then you’re definitely screaming LGBT and that’s not me being a stereotype, it’s just a fact.  We don’t mind a good dance but when you’re doing this in your room by yourself at night, you’re a badly in denial gay.


4. The 3 Beer Queer

We all love having a drink, especially because you can just let yourself go. However, this is the perfect time for you to hit on the gays and blame it on the alcohol. They say the truth comes out when you’re drunk and if you’re giving that guy a second look, then maybe it’s not just your intoxicated self and it’s just what you’re attracted to.


5. Your Love/Hate Relationship With Fellow Gays

We all have our own opinions, but the gay community can be heavily opinionated and just talk straight up shit. It might just be their whimsical accent but all I know, for sure, is that, if not all, at least some of us hate it! We pride ourselves on being right because we are, right? No one else’s opinion matters, especially your gay best friend’s.

6. You’re A Personal Shopper

If you are going out with your “girl” friends and deciding what they should be wearing with your very own clipboard at hand, you might be their dedicated personal shopper! Your own dress sense might not be 10s across the board, but your ability to seek something chic for your BFF is right on point.


7. You Are The Gym Selfie Qween

We all have that new years resolution of going to the gym to get fit and healthy and we all do it, everyone’s guilty but if you’ve only been there to workout once and just go every now and then for that Instagramable selfie to post on your feed then you aren’t fooling anyone.

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8. The God’s Gift Syndrome

This especially happens when you’re walking down the street listening to your favourite song in summer with your short tight shorts with your Raybans on…

9. You’re Always Late But Have The Best Excuses

I’m always late to work or running late to meet a friend. However, we can’t just admit we’re late for no reason when we’ve just been lay in bed for the past half an hour. That would ruin our reputation and we love that so we come up with the best excuses like “Travel is a nightmare”; “I had to run back because I forgot to lock up”; or even “a queen is never late everyone else is simply early.


10. All Your Clothing Is Tight

You have ten pairs of the same jeans and they’re always so tight so everyone can see your bulge.


We are all guilty of a few of these traits. We are all 21st-century selfie qweens and our fashion choices sometimes too eccentric, so these obviously aren’t 100% facts that you are gay because appearances are often misleading. So, how many did you get?

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