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9 Signs You’re From London

9 Signs You’re From London

London is one of the most famous cities in the world. How do you identify a native of this magical city? Keep reading for 9 signs you're from London!

London is one of the most famous cities in the world. Fact. But how do you identify a native of this magical city of rain and murky river water? Well if they live up to these 9 signs, there’s a good chance. Keep reading for 9 signs you’re from London!

1. You use the word “innit”.

“Lovely weather today?”
“Innit just?”

Like it or not, it’s a word we use. Daily. It’s not posh like people think. We don’t all speak like Hugh Grant. It’s probably most commonly used discussing the weather or politics though.


2. You understand the football rivalry is real.

Arsenal. Chelsea. Tottenham. West Ham. Fulham. About 3 others. Is it any wonder that football rivalry is alive and well within London? All I would say is stay away from any Wimbledon games if they’re played MK Dons (it gets ugly real quick).


3. You know 5 minutes is a long wait for a bus.

In a city where everything is instant, waiting 5 minutes for a bus is agony. You want to just walk it but know full well that will take a lot longer (unless you’re being super lazy and getting the bus to the corner store).


4. Women apply their makeup in moving vehicles more so than anywhere else.

Women applying their makeup are everywhere. Quite frankly, I struggle to put it on if I’m stationary. Especially my eye liner.

5. You know to move at commuter pace or move out the way.

Commuters. They’re a fast, angry, and highly populated breed in the buzzing capital. If you walk slower than they do- get out of their way. They don’t care if you’re lost or with friends – they have 30 minutes left of their lunch break and need to make it to the local pret for their panini and coffee.

6. You always get the music tours.

Every band/artist/comedian is going to come to London if they’re doing UK shows. No need to worry about the 5 hour journey to travel to a show. Just buy your tickets and figure out transport on the day!

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7. You know to get on the train where you need to eventually get off of it.

5th carriage, 2nd door. That pulls up to your stop right by the ticket reader which means you need to walk 23 steps past the bin when you get on. Then you can be off the train and out the station in 10 seconds max.



8. You never refer to Zone 1 as Zone 1, it’s Central.

Okay, so TFL (pft, those guys) call it zone 1… But let’s be real. You don’t say “I’m travelling to zone 1 today.” You’re going to central. Be it Waterloo, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly… It’s just central in terms of travel.

9. You have to ask yourself, what’s a car again?

With constant tubes and buses running and trains at all hours of the day, many Londoners have never driven a car in their lives. Why would we? There is no reason for us to know when we can swipe our Oyster card and listen to our latest audio book as we travel in a hot, sweaty box on wheels.

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