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10 Signs You Are An Ambivert

10 Signs You Are An Ambivert

Not sure whether you're strictly an extrovert or introvert? Here are 10 signs to tell you that you might actually be an ambivert.

Usually people describe themselves as either extroverted or introverted, but you may feel that you have something in common with both personality types. Extroverts are known to be the ‘life of the party’ while their opposite: introverts are known as the quiet ones. An ambivert on the other hand falls somewhere in the middle of this personality continuum and here are 10 signs to tell you whether you are one of them.

1. You’re not a socialite but you’re not exactly a loner either

The fact is you enjoy spending time with friends but sometimes you just get tired of people and prefer your own company. It is safe to say then that time spent with others may leave you feeling drained and equally too much time by yourself can get boring.

2. You can adapt to different environments

You’ve found that you’re comfortable in most spaces, even if not at first. This also means that you can connect with a wider variety of people more easily because you’re found to be easily approachable with how comfortable you seem in any given space.


3. You can work just as well with others as you can by yourself

Because you are adaptable, you can work well enough with other people and you can also be just as productive doing work by yourself (and this is not just for job interviews’ sake!). Essentially, you’re pretty flexible and you draw on other people’s energy to help in brainstorming. Conversely, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty stuff, you draw on introverted traits to get your head down and get the job done.

4. You like attention but not for too long

As an ambivert you don’t mind being the centre of attention every once in a while; you actually enjoy it! On the other hand, if all eyes stay on you then you will start to feel uncomfortable, and could do with someone else holding the spotlight after your stint.

5. You have a love-hate relationship with social media

You like hopping onto social media to stay in touch with people, but sometimes you find that you just can’t be bothered spending time on it.


6. When people seek advice you’re the first port of call

As an ambivert, you’re balanced nature means that you can give both a sound and neutral perspective on the situations that your friends, family or your colleagues pose to you. Additionally as a good communicator you have a good ear and you know when it is appropriate to speak. In this case you don’t mind small talk but too much of it gets annoying.

7. You’re a great leader

Your approach to tasks are assertive but considerate, so colleagues respect you and follow your decisions.

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8. Some say you’re quiet whilst others say you’re outgoing

Because you identify with both extroverts and introverts as an ambivert, your personality differs dependent on the context, so different people will associate you with either side. As a result, you may appear anti social in some cases and highly social in others.

9. You’re emotional control is on point

You’re not highly strung nor are you indifferent and, although your mood can change and you may be a bit indecisive from time to time, it’s hard for a situation to throw you so you generally know how to cope.

10. You have a unique personality

You are playful as hell when you want to be and you can joke around with the next person. At the same time you have depth to you and will hold a serious conversation with ease when it comes down to it!

If you know any other signs that show you’re an ambivert please share them below!
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