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7 Signs You Are A True Libra

7 Signs You Are A True Libra

Zodiac signs do not define your character. Whether you believe in them or not, their traits can help you understand yourself better. If your birthday is sometime between September 23rd and October 24th, let me inform you: you are a Libra. It’s the male element of air controlled by a female planet with strong female energy. Sounds intriguing. Now you are probably wondering…what makes me a Libra? How am I different from everyone else? Well, here are 7 features that only a true Libra will understand!

1. Give good and get good

How many times you have tried to avoid conflicts and make an attempt to speak your peace in ways that would justify everyone’s opinion equally? Were you ever in a search for ways to balance out different aspects of your life so that you feel more comfortable? As a Libra, you are constantly leveling off objectivity and subjectivity hence looking for a fair compromise. As a mirror of the surrounding world, Libra reflects the spiritual perfection of themselves and the people around them. As a consequence, you can be highly sensitive to what others think of you and how their actions can disturb the balance. Be aware not to let others absorb your emotions.


2. Routine Who?

For a true Libra, any signs of monotony, triviality, and routine are contraindicated. You’ll do whatever it takes to spice up your everyday life, albeit cautiously and thoughtfully. You might be the quiet one in the family, but the capabilities of your imagination have no limits. What issues may come out of it? Libras can be quite ‘airy-fairy’. Often their dreams do not get a chance to put into practice. Resolving daily responsibilities are not Libra’s strongest suit either; they are more inclined to experience crazy, adventurous and memorable moments. To make your life a tiny bit easier, as a Libra you have to learn to overcome minor troubles and consider practical aspects of things.


3. Never Sure

Sneakers or loafers? Peanut butter cup or mint choc chip? That tall boy with glasses from your Math class or your best friend’s cousin Jason? If you are a true Libra, you probably spend way too much time hesitating. When making decisions, you consider various possibilities, conditions, and outcomes. Once you get advice from someone else, you do everything possible to absolve yourself of responsibility for whatever unpleasant consequences your solution can bring about. But don’t you worry, no one said it was a bad thing! You always scrutinize every detail and rarely show poor judgment when looking for the right answer. In the long run, Libras are capable of resisting any temptations that could cause deviation from the chosen path. Well done!

4. Aesthetic Pleasure

The strive for aesthetic pleasure in every aspect of life is probably the most prominent trait of a true Libra representative. Libras surround themselves with beauty because they believe that aesthetics can move mountains. Some know how to obey the rules of basic politeness or how to create a cozy atmosphere by introducing their friends to intellectual retro-cinema. Others immerse in different cultures to expand their knowledge and spread the beauty across the world. Libras will teach you how to make plebeian pleasures more refined and how to find magnificence in things that could seem lackluster at first sight.


5. The Feels

Due to their charm and charisma, true Libras can easily get the attention they want. However, they are extremely picky and tend to choose their partner meticulously. For a true Libra, sex is a form of art. The origin of the erotic perception of the sexual act arises in a form of aesthetic pleasure under the influence of music, dance, theatrical performances, etc. The surrounding atmosphere serves as a background for the manifestation of the sexual impulse.

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6. Queen Of Attention

Success, recognition, and admiration make a true Libra blossom. You are able to adapt to almost any situation because you aspire to please everyone around you in the most positive way possible. You want to be seen in a blaze of glory, and this desire brings along selfishness to your behavior. The deal is – try and keep it healthy.


7. Workaholic

No doubt, nothing motivates you more than the enjoyment from the work process. You simply cannot linger in companies that limit your self-expression or create the content that doesn’t bring you joy. But once you get a job that is right up your alley, you can quickly become the leader: a true Libra is known for their hard work. Sometimes though Libras fail to see the task through as they quickly lose interest. All you need is just a little extra kick and some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.


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