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10 Signs You Are A Travel Addicted

10 Signs You Are A Travel Addicted

Can't you stop thinking to your next holiday? Do you sleep with your passport? Are you always dreaming to new adventures? If yes, you are a real travel addicted! Check out these signs.

Suffering of wanderlust is like a drug. Like any addiction, you need it always more and, if you can’t express your wishes, you feel bad and depressed. Like a proper abstinence crisis! In fact, once you start, it’s really hard to stop or not to think about traveling.

Are you like a junky, always craving for new adventures? Here are 10 signs of being a travel addicted. Check out if you have the same symptoms!

1. You easily get bored of the same place.

After being in the same place for some months you feel like in prison. Home, family and old friends miss when you are traveling but, in the same time, are not enough for your thirst for discover. The only healing is booking and starting to organize the next trip!


10 Signs You Are a Travel Addicted

2. As soon as you come back for your holiday you are already planning the next one.

A real travel addicted is the one who, while is waiting the plane for coming back, is already planning in his mind the next adventure. Your Amazon wishlist is full of travel guides, which are just waiting for your upcoming holidays. On top of that, you are a master in finding the best offers in terms of hostels, flights and insurances. You know all the secrets!

3. Every time you try a different kitchen, you think at the moment you will eat the same in that country.

You go in a Japanese restaurant and the first thing that comes in your mind is “How could be eating in a sushi bar in Tokyo?”. You have a Moroccan dinner and you dream about the feeling during a trip in the desert. Has this ever happened to you? If yes, you have a problem called wanderlust!

4. The only motivation for going to work is saving money for the following trip.

You don’t care too much of building a solid career. For you, a job is just a source for making money for your travels. For this, you have easily worked in lots of different places too. After all, not changing is like a torture for you. Working hard for short periods: this is your major job aspiration!


5. You care of your passport as it would be your baby.

You know very well that your passport is the key for opening the doors of the world. You can loose everything except it! Like it would be your baby, you looking always for a safe place for keeping it, checking its presence with a maniacal care. On top of that, staring at the collection of country stamps is your favorite hobby. You are so proud of it!

10 Signs You Are a Travel Addicted

6. You move better in an airport rather than in a shopping mall.

As soon as you arrived at the airport, you have a natural sense of orientation. You feel in your intrinsic habitat among check-in desks, controls and gates! Your magistral organizations permits you to be fast and efficient at every step. Every travel addicted is so annoyed about people who create queues and inconveniences for their mistakes.


7. Every time you spend money you feel guilty.

As I said before, your wage is essentially used for financing your journeys. You think always twice or three times before buying something, for finding a reason why you don’t really need it eventually. Of course, it’s difficult working hard without allowing to yourself some whims sometimes. Although, the day after a crazy night out or an expensive dinner you feel guilty AF!

10 Signs You Are a Travel Addicted

8. As soon as you buy new clothes, you think how making space for them in your bag.

A travel addicted knows that his clothes have to be the more functional and easiest to carry with as possible. However, in particular for female travelers, buying clothes sometimes is regenerating and impossible to avoid. When this happens, the first thought will be “How can I find room in my bag?”


9. You can sleep everywhere.

Sleeping on an airport floor, in a crowed hostel or in an uncomfy tent, it doesn’t really matter for you. You have developed a magnificent sense of adaption for any conditions. You can sleep without a problem on a plane, train or bus. A travel addicted knows that sleeping while he’s traveling is the wise thing to do!

10 Signs You Are a Travel Addicted

10. You have lots of friend around the world!

Besides wonderful memories and experiences, the best thing that you will keep with you at the end of any travels are new friends. It’s so easy meet people while you are traveling. On top of that, your new mates will be crazy for adventures like you! So, you can easily be inspired from their interesting stories when you are going to choose the next destination. Maybe, the upcoming journey will be at their hometown!

Do you have some more symptoms? Have you recognized your feelings with this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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