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5 Signs Tinder Is Not Your Thing

5 Signs Tinder Is Not Your Thing

Thinking of going on Tinder but not sure if you'll like it? On Tinder and it simply is no doing it for you? Here are 5 signs Tinder is not your thing!

In this day and age, dating online is becoming more and more mainstream and convenient. Maybe the people around you just aren’t doing it for you, so you’ve decided to resort to going on online dating. Or maybe you’re just too lazy to go out to meet new people. Whatever the reason, there are tons and tons of dating apps at your disposal such as Bumble, OkCupid, Hinge, etc. But of all dating apps, Tinder is by far the most infamous and popular.

If you’re looking to try Tinder out, go ahead! There’s no harm in experiencing and exploring new things. However, online dating (and Tinder, especially), doesn’t always work out for everyone. So, here are 5 signs to look out for that Tinder is not your thing!

1. You feel uncomfortable judging people’s looks.

The thing about online dating, in general, is that you have to (quite literally) judge a book by its cover. With its selling point being that you swipe left and right on who you think is attractive, being able to judge a person by their outer appearance is a given if you’re wanting to go on the likes of Tinder. If you feel uncomfortable swiping left on someone because you think they aren’t attractive, then I’m sorry to say that maybe online dating isn’t for you.


2. Casual dating isn’t your thing.

Some people enjoy to focus on only one person instead of serial dating, and that’s completely okay! Not everyone feels comfortable going on a date with one person, and then with another the very next day. If you’re more of a  one person kind of dater, then I don’t think Tinder will be your thing. There’s a very low chance the first person you meet up from Tinder is going to be the “one”, so you have to be prepared to go on a few casual dates or two.

3. You aren’t good at texting.

First impressions are everything. But the thing about Tinder is that your first impressions are all made via the app. So, if you’re bad at texting or you’re always replying a few days late, I’d suggest to stay off the dating app and stick with something more traditional. If you aren’t good at keeping up conversations via text, you’re less likely to secure a date. Thus, you’re never going to find the “one” on Tinder.

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4. Meeting up with strangers is scary to you.

Even after talking for a few weeks on and off, a stranger is still a stranger. If you don’t feel safe meeting up with someone you met online- don’t do it. Don’t force yourself to do things that make you fear for your safety just because you want to find yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend as soon as possible. Ease into things, and if you still don’t think you can do it, then just stay off Tinder. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, anyway!

5. You’re looking for something that will last.

I’m sorry to say, but the people you meet on Tinder are most likely only looking to hook up or date casually (at best). If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, Tinder is the last place you should be searching at. You’re mostly going to bump into fuckboys and people who aren’t ready to commit on the dating app, so why even waste your time? Don’t spend days, weeks or even months looking for something in a place you know you probably won’t find it.

Have you ever been on Tinder? How was your experience? Or do you think Tinder is the perfect dating app for you? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section!

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