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15 Signs That You Are Definitely A Diva

15 Signs That You Are Definitely A Diva

15 Signs That You Are Definitely A Diva

Being a diva is no easy feat; it requires time, energy and a lot of confidence. In the age of social media, where everything is materialistic, self-focused and out there for the world to see, crossing over to the dark side into the realms of diva-hood has become easier than ever. Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether you are a diva, so here I have compiled a list of 15 signs that you are definitely a diva!

1. You walk with a strut

Nothing screams Diva more than a sassy strut across campus or the office on a Monday morning. It’s a sure-fire way to get the attention of everyone around you and it’s certainly going to be the first thing people notice about you. The strut shows that you are 100 percent confident in yourself and like a true diva, you always want to be the centre of attention.


2. You must always be the hottest girl in the room or else there are going to be issues!

As a Diva, you’re sure to wear the best outfits, the best makeup, have the best hair and the best strut in the room, so it’s only fair that you’re always the hottest girl in the room. If any girl tries to outdo you and steal your lime light, there are going to be problems!

3. You’re always unimpressed

Being perpetually unimpressed comes with the territory of being a diva. After all, you deserve the best and so nothing is ever enough for you. Whether your boyfriend has cooked you a romantic meal for Valentines or your best friend has bought you an understated but thoughtful gift for your birthday, you only accept big gestures. A private yacht sailing across the Mediterranean Sea in the height of summer might be a good place to start!

4. The eyebrow raise is your favourite expression

The eyebrow raise has been a symbol of asserting superiority and judgement since, well, since the beginning of time. As a diva, judgement is your best friend and you’re sure to let people know that you are judging them. Que the eyebrow raises!


5. You are never wrong

Wrong? You don’t know the meaning of the word! If ever you get into an argument or a heated discussion, you refuse to admit that you are ever wrong. On the contrary, you are always right! As far as you’re concerned, your opinion is the only one that matters and you’re not afraid to say it!

6. You’re always unapologetic

Considering you are never wrong, what do you ever have to apologise for? If your attitude ever offends anyone, that is their problem, not yours and they can deal with it. No need for you to ever be apologetic!


7. Your friends double as your assistants

Between all the heavy bags of shopping you carry, the work load you have assigned from Uni and constantly having to fill up the petrol in your state-of-the-art car, you’re very busy and need a few assistants to be at your beck and call to help you get through everything. This is where your friends come in. They understand that they are lucky to be your friend and in exchange for your coveted friendship, they are expected to be on standby to assist you at all times.

8. You have more friends than you can care to remember the names of

As a diva, you’re always the coolest person on campus and your popularity reflects that. Everyone wants to be you, and everyone wants to be your friend, so you let them. Although, when you have so many friends it’s hard to keep up and you don’t always know their names!


9. You never wash the dishes for fear or ruining that perfect manicure.

Unlike most young people, you don’t do chores or housework; your nails are always perfectly manicured, and they are too precious to be attacked by dingy detergents and gloomy grease busters! Doing the dishes puts you at risk of ruining that perfect manicure that you especially drove to London and paid a premium price# for last week – the horror!

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10. You always demand the best table at a restaurant

When you land at a lavish restaurant for you daily spot of satisfying gourmet cuisine, you deserve the best seat in the house with the loveliest view and the most privacy. Therefore, you announce your presence and demand the best table. If someone is already sitting at it, too bad – they’ll have to move!


11. You throw a bitch fit if your food is served a degree too cold

Once you’re seated in a satisfactory spot at your favourite gourmet restaurant, you’ve been waiting a whole five minutes for your food to arrive and now that it has, it’s a degree too cold for your liking. The only way to solve this is by throwing a bitch fit and demanding your food be re-made and bought to you immediately!

12. You don’t open doors, people open doors for you

You’re too good to open doors for yourself and you deserve to be pampered. When you reach a door, you simply pause, raise your head to the air and wait for the person next to you to open that door for you.

13. You’re dripping jewels

You know you’re a diamond in the ruff and your accessories reflect that. You’re always dripping in delightful jewellery that inspires jealousy in those around you. From charming chokers to bright ruby rings and bedazzling bracelets, you have it all. Known for her love of jewellery, even Elizabeth Taylor has nothing on you!


14. You wouldn’t be caught dead in the same outfit twice

You have a million clothes in your custom walk-in wardrobe, from cool 90’s pieces to wacky 70’s selections and familiar modern motifs, all of which you only ever wear once. You wouldn’t be caught dead in the same outfit twice – you’re too good to reuse clothing!

15. When you speak, everyone must stop and listen

You know that your voice is always the most important in the room, After all, whatever you have to say is momentous! Therefore, when you speak, you expect everyone around you to stop what they’re doing and give you their full attention. There’ll be issues if they don’t!

So, there it is, the list. After reading it, how many things can you tick off? Are you a diva?

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