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10 Signs That It’s Time to Re-decorate Your Bedroom

10 Signs That It’s Time to Re-decorate Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is possibly the most important place in your home; it’s where you relax, wind down, chill out and most importantly, sleep! So clearly, your bedroom decor is super important! Every once in a while, it is a good idea to re-decorate your bedroom. Here are 10 signs that it’s time to get creative and re-decorate your bedroom!

1) You’re Bored of Your Bedroom Decor

This is an obvious but important point! If you’re bored and uninspired by your room, it’s likely that you’ll avoid spending time there. This will stop you from enjoying a space that should be comforting and relaxing for you. Stop pondering whether or not you should re-decorate your bedroom – just go ahead and re-decorate it!


2) You’ve Grown Out of Your Current Bedroom Decor

Whilst you may have been super excited to have tons of pink and sparkling princess fairy lights installed in your bedroom as a wide-eyed nine-year-old, this decor doesn’t really excite you now as a nineteen-year-old. Life just got in the way and you just sort of forgot to redecorate. Now is the time to update your room and turn it into the fabulous boudoir you have always dreamt of! 


3) You Find Your Bedroom Uninspiring 

Our bedroom should be a reflection of who we are as people. As a teenager, my bedroom was scattered with books, creative canvases, silver walls and a wondrous, expanding collection of gemstones, because all of this encompassed my personality and reflected my interests. Sometimes, in trying to make our rooms look polished or pretty, we overlook adding decor that really speaks to us. If you look around and think this is you, get decorating and create your dream bedroom!


4) You Need a Pick Me Up

Sometimes, the best way to get through a difficult time or low mood is to change your surroundings. Change can be such a good thing; it can make you feel better and perk you up instantly. As awful as going through a hard time is, it’s the best time to redecorate your bedroom as it’s the perfect pick me up!

5) You Want to Experiment

If you’re currently going through a journey in life where you want to experiment and try new things, don’t leave your bedroom out of the equation! It’s great to really push your boundaries and think outside of the box. Try using colours and objects that you wouldn’t normally opt for to add new life into those four walls!



6) Your Partner is Moving in With You

If you and your partner have decided to take that next big step in your relationship and they are moving in with you, surprise them with a wonderful bedroom makeover to really welcome them into your home, or even better, redecorate your bedroom together! This is a great way to bond and spend quality time with each other. 

7) You’re Indecisive 

If, like me, you’re an indecisive person, you probably change your clothes twice a day, your nail varnish colour every other day and your hair colour every week. You probably also can’t settle on the decor for your bedroom, whether this is the colour of the walls or the quirky finishing touches that usually complete the space. Why not indulge yourself and re-decorate your bedroom? It’s so satisfying!

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8) Your Bedroom is Cluttered

If your room is full of clutter, it may not just be because you’re a disorganised person. It may also be because you’re tired of seeing the same four walls and take little care of organising as a result. Re-decorating your bedroom as a way of freshening the place up and making it look different will help you to feel more positive about the space, and keep it organised as a result!



9) You Fancy a Bit of DIY

The first time I picked up a paintbrush to start the process of re-decorating my current bedroom, I had never done any DIY home decor before, so it was a brilliant, challenging, yet fun experience that helped me to build my DIY skills. Now I am confident that I could re-decorate any room in the future! Building your DIY skills is a great motivating factor to re-decorate your bedroom!

10) You Love a Good Theme

Themes are brilliant, they are so expressive and extensive. There is no limit to the themes you can pick for your bedroom decor, from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ to a Cadbury Milk Tray theme (random, I know!) and everything in between. But themes can change all the time depending on how you’re feeling. So why limit yourself to one? There are a whole lot of themes to get through and not a lot of time – best start now!


When is the last time you re-decorated your bedroom? Do you plan to re-decorate your bedroom any time soon? Tell us in the comments!

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