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The Signs Of A Toxic Friend You May Not Have Seen

The Signs Of A Toxic Friend You May Not Have Seen

Are you noticing signs of a toxic friend? Check out our list of signs identifying whether you have a toxic relationship with one of your friends.

Have you ever experienced signs of a toxic friendship? Here are a few signs of a toxic friend you may not have seen.

1. Everything’s about them

One sure way of knowing if a friendship is toxic is what you guys focus on. If every discussion you guys have or every time you guys talk, things somewhat seem to go back to being about them. Every time you hang out its what they want to do and its for their benefit, it’s like you’re the supporting actor in their own show – that’s a toxic friend.

2. They never have anything nice to say about you.

Another sign of a bad friend is a person who seems to always have something snarky and unkind to/ and about you. While some friendships can thrive off of the mutual tease and shade throwing, if they’re perpetually casting a shadow over you in the name of shade, that friend’s got to go.


3. They never have anything nice to say about others.

When it comes to throwing shade and having things to say about others, a good indicator of a toxic friend is someone who forever has something negative to say about others. This goes beyond just having something to say about somebody but being flat out rude to practically any and everyone.

4. They always have drama

One of the clear signs of a toxic friend is someone who always seems to have issues and beef with others then they clearly are the common denominator. These toxic friends always seem to have beef with any and everyone and what’s more they not only try to drag you into their drama, but they try to manipulate you into hating people that you probably not only may not even know, and disliking people in itself is not only exhausting but even worse when its someone you don’t know.

5. They want all your time.

Toxic friends are those who will treat you more so as a possession that as a person. They’ll act as if they have a right to you and to your time and as a result expect you to drop everything you’re doing in order to be with them.


6. They don’t have time for you

One of the signs of a toxic friend that is easily detectable is whether they are available for you in times of need. Going from the last point, toxic friends will expect you to always have time for them but will have the audacity to never want to be there for you, and will go from flat out neglecting and abandoning you when you need them to trivialising and belittling your own problems and times of need.

7. They’re needy

This ties in with them wanting all of your time but goes further into what happens when you guys are together. They seem to want everything to not only be centred around them but always just seem to want you all the time, yet no surprise they’re never around for you.

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8. They don’t want you to be with anyone else

Not only do they want you to be with available for them pretty much 24/7, but they absolutely despise the idea that you can other friends. The notion of you behaving other friends in inexcusable to them and they believe you to be their property.

9. You feel exhausted being with them

A friendship is no good if after dealing with a friend you constantly feel as though you’ve gone through a hurricane. A good friend will leave you feeling rejuvinated and tired in a good way, a toxic friend will leave you exhausted and drained having to deal with all their negativity and drama.

10. They do nothing that benefits you or your life

A good friendship should see both you and  your friends grow: you both develop together into better people and they’re someone who will be there for you in times of need. A negative and toxic friend in short does nothing that benefits your life in any way.


What do you think of our signs of a toxic friend you may have not seen? Let us know in the comments section below!

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