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5 Signs He’s Cheating On You That You Should Know

5 Signs He’s Cheating On You That You Should Know

Cheating is the hardest betrayal to forgive, and most couples can never recover from it. Sometimes we want to ignore the signs of it but we shouldn't!

When it comes to trust in a relationship there are two kinds of people, the one that trusts their significant other with no questions asked, and then the ones that don’t. Society calls us psycho because we always want to dig into situations and be 100% sure that our significant other is loyal to us. Girls, I think we are just clever. Cheating is considered the ultimate betrayal and the most difficult issue to bounce back from in a solid relationship. One of two of these signs might not ring any bell in your mind, but if they start piling up, you need to take in consideration that he might be cheating on you.

1. He is on his phone (social media) more than usual

If he is suddenly glued to his phone, then watch out. So, if he is spending all of his time online on Instagram or WhatsApp, and he is not messaging you, well chances are he is texting someone else, especially if he is sneaky about it or get mad when you ask questions. Remember that a man who is 100% into the relationship doesn’t have anything to hide.

5 Signs He Is Cheating On You That You Should Know

2. No intimacy

Intimacy doesn’t need to get confused with sex, as it is something deeper. If your partner is cheating, it could make him feel guilty, as if he is cheating on his new love (or fling). Unless of course your significant other is a total sociopath then probably the reason why he doesn’t get intimate with you is that he feels guilty towards you. You are the best one who knows what intimacy between you is like, and you know when or if this stops.

5 Signs He Is Cheating On You That You Should Know

3. He gets overly defensive

If when you express concern about him cheating on you he gets overly defensive, well girl, that is a major red flag. Now, I know that for him it might not be nice being accused of cheating, especially if he is innocent, but he won’t immediately attack you or get overly mad about it. Of course, in both cases, he will say that he did not cheat on you, so do not expect a confession, but be aware that if his denial is too dramatic then something is not right.

4. He is too nice to you

Men can be cheaters but they have a heart and they feel a sense of guilt. Some of them, after cheating, will break up with because the sense of guilt is too big for them to carry, others, the sneaky ones, try to overcome it. What is the best way to stop feeling guilty if not making you actual girlfriend happy?

So, if you notice a sudden change of behaviour towards you, in a particularly nice way, maybe too nice for how he used to, then girl, watch out. Usually, men start with buying presents, flowers and making dinners, etc. All the things that they never have done before. It helps them to take their mind away from that sense of guilt.

5 Signs He Is Cheating On You That You Should Know

5. You feel it in your gut

Girls, never ever ignore the feeling you get in your gut. If you have a terrible suspicion that your man is cheating on you that there is a reason. Most of the time you are right. If you never had these feelings before but now his behaviour is causing you to worry, you need to trust your instinct.

So, if you feel that he ticks any of these signs and you are concerned about it, confront him, don’t leave it on the side. Remember that at the end of the day you know him best and you know his behaviours.

What do you think are the signs we cannot ignore? Tell us in the comments!

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