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10 Short Hair Cuts For Women That Scream Spring

10 Short Hair Cuts For Women That Scream Spring

These short hair cuts for women come right in time for the spring! Show off these cute shoulder length hair styles that look great on all hair types! Thin, thick, curly, or straight hair - you'll love these 2018 hair trends!

It isn’t all just about long hair you know. For decades and centuries, long hair on women has been the epitome of femininity and beauty, but do you remember the 20s, 50s and 60s for example? Of course I wasn’t alive back then, but whenever I come across pictures on the Internet, or watch a movie, one thing I loved about a vintage women’s style was the short hair! It seems that a lot, if not the majority of women kept their hair short, and it sure did look good! Since March has finally commenced, let’s take a look at the top 10 short hair cuts for women and enjoy the potential of easier-to-manage, light-on-the-head, fun, short hair that’s perfect for spring!

1) Shoulder-length waves and a fringe.

With minimal effort, this short haircut really stands out as sporty but feminine, with a touch of “childlike innocence”. It reminds me a little of Bridgette Bardo, too. Great for this spring!

2) Side-part with volume.

If having a fringe isn’t your thing, then this one would be one of the best haircuts for women to get this spring. It requires minimal effort, and the volumised side part adds that much more class.


3) Short loose curls.

Curls are wild, gorgeous, and they’re definitely in. Short loose curls like these scream fun and rebellion! If you have naturally curly or wavy hair and you’re looking for a dramatic change for the spring, go with this!

4) Boyish pixie cut.

And why not? If you have a face shape that allows for this dramatic look, I’d definitely go for it. Plus it looks like a real dream to wash, comb and style! This is one of the best short hair cuts for women to get this spring!

5) Delicate layers.

I’d imagine this short hair cut would pair perfectly with thinner hair. Layers are known to add volume, so if you fit the bill, go ahead and rock it this spring!


6) Simply shoulder-length.

This short hair cut is so simple and timeless, it never gets old. The no-fringe, no-side-part features make it particularly more comfortable and one of the best short hair cuts for women to get this spring!

7) Curly Bob.

Another glossy, short haircut for curly hair! It’s cute, it’s chic and it’s perfect for this spring.

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8) Wavy Bob.

This short hair cut kinda reminds me of Disney’s Snow White (face palm). How cute is it though? It would look lovely on thicker, wavy hair and is a definite option for the spring.

9) Classy Rockstar.

Take it from Lily Collins. This short hair cut looks absolutely gorgeous and yet with a somewhat “rockstar” feel to it. It isn’t something I would have normally gravitated towards but, gurrrlll?! The classy rockstar is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to short cuts for women to get this spring!

10) Casual volume.

A casual, shoulder-length haircut with natural volume and wave is the epitome of spring hairstyles!


What do you think of these short hair cuts for women? Are you going to get one in time for spring? Let us know in the comment section below!

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