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Shine This Year By Following This 80s Fashion Trend

Shine This Year By Following This 80s Fashion Trend

This 80s fashion look will take you right back and spice up your personal style with a whole lot of shine. Find out how you can wear the look too!

80s fashion trends have been on a steady rise over the past year and the surge shows no signs of stopping. One key trend that I have kept my eye on is the rise of metallic and holographic silvers in casual, everyday settings.

When this look first hit the runways, fashion industry professionals were in a phase of excitement towards the future. They were experimenting with very shiny looks and materials, including the use of sequins. It was a time of disco and bright colours.

It might be hard to imagine this concept outside of a more formal setting or in the modern-day hence why I am here to show you how to shine through every day of your life with these casual looks.


1. Athleisure

Athletic wear has been consistently in and out of fashion since the 80s, coming back in waves. Right now it appears the trend is here to stay with many different looks coming out with the same athleisure vibe, not just through sports brands but on the high street too.

Combining athleisure with the futuristic 80s fashion trend, this metallic silver is a perfect icy look for winter going into spring. It adds a little shine into a casual outfit that can be worn any day of the week.

Shop the look at Nike and Puma.


2. Bucket Hats

If you love the 80s vibe but aren’t ready to commit to a full-on ensemble, this accessory is perfect to bring the 80s into your wardrobe without compromising your personal style too much.

Bucket hats were trendy in South Korea before they even reached the mainstream fashion scene. However, the recent popularity on the high street of this 80s fashion trend has led to more and more different interpretations of this simple style.

The silver bucket hat is a perfect accessory to compliment your everyday look by adding some fun to the overall look as well as still being a neutral colour that does not clash or overpower your outfit.


Shop the look at Topshop or find one similar on eBay.

3. Winter Puffer Jacket

Be visible when the cold weather hits in this puffer jacket! Chase away the dull winter colours with this 80s fashion inspired look while still being season appropriate.

Silver 80s fashion was all about looking to the future and looking futuristic. It was a time of excitement and anticipation for what the future would hold. This silver puffer jacket perfectly encapsulates the futuristic vibe which fashion and industry professionals were all foreseeing when the trend first hit the runways.

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Shop the exact look at Kenzo or a similar one at Tommy Hilfiger.

4. Ankle Boots

These boots are made for walking! You can pair this look with anything and instantly jazz up your look. Silver ankle boots make for great party footwear as well as being appropriate for other casual endeavours, such as a trip to the movies, a date or a shopping trip. These boots do it all. A kitten heel is also in keeping with 80s fashion however block or stiletto heels will also do the trick.


Shop the look at Public Desire or these holographic ASOS boots.

5. Bags

Bags are essential to every look! Whether you’re a backpack girl or a tote lady, maybe even a laptop case guy, you will find the perfect accessory to make you shine.

You’ll never struggle to pick a handbag to match your outfit again after you jump on the bandwagon with this look. It will never clash with your outfit or make it any less classy. Without a doubt, you’ll have everyone asking how to steal your look in a heartbeat.


Shop the look at Forever 21, ASOS and Guess.

I hope you have found new inspiration for your own out of this world 80s fashion metallic look! Let me know what your favourite 80s fashion trend is and why!

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