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The 6 Sheffield Cafes You’ll Never Want To Leave

The 6 Sheffield Cafes You’ll Never Want To Leave

The 6 Sheffield Cafes You'll Never Want To Leave

Sheffield is a rich and vibrant city that offers something for everyone, and that’s especially true for coffee-lovers! Sheffield is teeming with quality coffee shops that you just have to visit, with some so good you’ll never want to leave!

These 6 Sheffield cafes are a must for any coffee-lover and perfect hot-spots for chilling out and having a quality cuppa’ that really stand out from the crowd

1. Five Rivers Coffee Company

Located on Fulwood Road in Broomhill, this coffee-shop is quaint and quirky and identifiable with its bright orange front.


The cafe has an oriental feel which offers tabled seating but also on-the-floor seating with oriental cushions and rugs, meaning you can sit sipping your coffee cross-legged in oriental fashion!

Enjoy your coffee whilst reading a paper or doing work on your laptop as you chill out in a unique interior that makes Five Rivers Coffee Company a unique, fun and comforting coffee experience with an oriental feel that you’ll just never want to leave!

2. Tabby Teas

A cafe like no other, this coffee-shop is home to a dozen or so cats that act as your furry guests as you sit and enjoy your coffee!


Perfect for a cat or animal lover, adorable cats roam free in this coffee shop where you can pet and play with them to your heart’s desire, making for the most unique and cutest of coffee-shop experiences!

Become acquainted with the cafe’s feline friends that will naturally help relax and de-stress you as you sip your coffee and take your mind off of your worries via cuteness overload!

3. Coffee Revolution

Recently renovated, this cafe is the staple coffee-shop of Sheffield University, offering a fantastic range of coffee with a view of the University’s picturesque campus!


It also offers a range of cakes and snacks with a cool student modern interior perfect for chilling out in or having a meetup or chit chat with friends.

The student buzz and lively atmosphere will have you right at home in a classy coffee shop you’ll never want to leave!

4. Upshot

Located on Glossop Road, this small and quaint coffee-shop has all the charm and character that any good cafe needs!


Offering some of the best freshly grounded coffee around with outstanding espresso and a unique selection of fine sweet treats, this eco-friendly cafe cares about its customers and the quality of their coffee.

Complemented by a local feel and a friendly atmosphere, it’s a cute and quaint coffee-shop you’ll just want to keep coming back to!

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5. Tamper Coffee

Tamper Coffee, located on Westfield terrace, is a gourmet coffee bar with New Zealand snacks and treats!

It offers a quality coffee-drinking experience right in the heart of Sheffield’s bustling city centre, making it a perfect hotspot to take a break and relax in a coffee-shop that’s kiwi-run!

All their coffees are carefully sourced, earning their status as gourmet and making for a unique coffee-shop experience that you’ll struggle to pull yourself away from!


6.  Marmadukes Cafe Deli

Another cafe that stands out from the crowd, Marmadukes, located on Norfolk Row, holds a high reputation for offering high-quality artisan coffee that you just have to try!

With a charming shabby-chic interior, Marmadukes offers home-cooked British foods and delicious deli salads, making it the perfect coffee-shop for a spot of lunch at the same time as a delicious coffee.

What’s more, its located right in the city centre, making it a top destination for relaxing and getting away from the crowds!


Which of these Sheffield cafes will you be visiting next? Which is your favourite? Let us know below!

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