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12 Sexy Party Outfit Ideas For The Winter

Going out in the winter months really limits what you can wear without catching frost bite. But, us ladies are usually willing to take that risk. Instead of freezing your ass off, try these 12 party outfit ideas that will keep your as equally warm as you are sexy!

1. Make your sweater dress sexy

A sweater dress can be worn really casually, but you can also dress it up. By wearing a pair of thigh high boots, you instantly give yourself that sexy, confident look!


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2. Don’t put away your lacey bodysuit just yet

While a lacey bodysuit is usually sensible in the summer, you can make it work when it’s cold. By wearing an oversized cardigan over your lacey bodysuit you’ll be warm and looking fit af.

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3. Leather and denim

Ugh, you’ve gotta love a nice leather jacket. It instantly makes you look like a badass whilst also keeping you nice and warm. Add a pair of tights under your denim skirt to get this look!

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4. Mini skirt

Can you ever go wrong with a mini skirt? If you want to keep yourself a little warmer, just add tights!

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5. The fur coat

Whip out that little black dress and throw a cozy fur jacket over it. Accessorize with chokers and necklace combos.

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6. Turtleneck jumper and skirt

Layer a suede skirt with a turtleneck jumper for a really chic look!

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7. Oversized denim jacket

Take any plain t-shirt dress (preferably long sleeve for the colder months) and rock an oversized denim jacket. If you aren’t big on thigh high boots, you can wear all black tights and ankle boots for a really cute outfit!

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8. Velvet bodysuit

A velvet bodysuit will keep you nice and warm whilst allowing you to show off some skin.

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9. Bell sleeves

Bell sleeve jumpers are a huge trend right now. Make your casual sweater sexy by wearing it with a suede or leather mini skirt!

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10. Cropped jumper

By showing off a little bit of stomach with a cropped jumper, you have just the right amount of sexy for your party outfit!

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11. Mesh bodysuit

This is probably my favorite sexy trend happening right now. Mesh bodysuits scream “I’m sexy and I know it”. Wear a fur coat and some jeans and you have the ultimate sexy party outfit!

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12. Canadian tuxedo

Denim on denim because you can NEVER have too much denim.

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What are your favorite sexy party outfit ideas for the winter season!? Share in the comments below!

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