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10 Sexy Bikinis You Need This Summer

10 Sexy Bikinis You Need This Summer

It’s time to get saucy and hit the beach in these sexy bikinis ready for Summer!

With new swimwear collections launching already, get ahead of the curve and avoid any last minute vacation panic by having all of your swimsuits ready for the Summer!

No matter what you’re looking for, there is something for everyone in my rundown of 10 sexy bikinis you need this Summer.


One Shoulder Retro

This sexy bikini look brings retro glamour into modern day swimwear!

This one shoulder look is perfect for lounging in the hot summer sun and drinking mojitos with your best friends. Throw this look on for a unique bikini look this swimsuit season and amaze your friends with your retro-inspired style!

Take the look further with belted bottoms to complete the retro look!


Shop the look:


Animal prints are in and perfect for your summer look.


This saucy look shows off your wild side but also lets everyone know that you know a thing or two about the hottest trends in fashion!

You will look anything but average in this bold look set to take over Summer once again in 2019.

Get this sexy bikini and showcase your wild side!


Shop this sexy bikini look:

Polka Dot Retro

Pin-up girl chic alert!


This look is another one from the retro trends that are making a comeback.

This bikini may look cute at first but don’t be fooled, with the right accessories and attitude this is a perfectly retro sexy bikini.

Channel your inner pin-up model and try it on for size!


Shop this sexy bikini here:


It is all in the details.


This is one bikini you can wear all summer long without the fear of being out of date or untrendy.

If you’re looking for a no-fuss look, this is the one for you. And with so many different looks to choose from, whether you have beading, sequins or a cute applique, you can never go wrong.

The high streets have plenty of their own interpretations of this trend in circulation so you are bound to find the one for you!


Shop this look:


Get loud in this colourful look!


The contrasting colours provide a strikingly sexy bikini look that is sure to have everyone’s eyes on you!

Check out the Champion collection for patriotic sexy bikinis to really make an impression this Summer; also perfect for July 4th!

Shop this patriotic sexy bikini:



Make your own sparkle.

When the sun hits you’ll be grateful to have your look illuminated!


Metallic shades are extremely fashionable and Summer ready this year.

Channel the 80s glow in this bold look this Summer!

Shop this sexy bikini for summer:


Cut Out

Sexy bikini cut outs are perfect for summer!

This look is essential when on the hunt for sexy bikinis to wear this summer. The cut outs add an edge to your look without revealing too much.


The contrasting cut out details also adds dimension to your look that you would not otherwise find!

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If you’re looking for a sexy look to soak up those Summer rays, this is the one!


Get this sexy bikini:


Perfect for avoiding annoying tan lines!


If your summer plans involve a lot of lying around in the Summer sun you might want to opt for something without straps.

No one wants to come back from vacation with strap marks tanned onto their bodies. Choose this look for an easy breezy summer!

Shop this sunny look:



This print is perfect for your bright summer look!

Stand out amongst all the dark colours with this bright, white ensemble in the warm sunshine.


Floral designs never go out of style and can show off a boho vibe to your sense of style!

If you want to look like a floral, boho queen this Summer, this one has you covered!

Shop the look:



Get colourful this Summer in this sexy bikini!

Rainbows have been taking over the high street and have now hit the swimsuit industry!


This pop of colour brings a whole new element of fun to your Summer look.

Show your pride and joy in this multicoloured two-piece as you splash around in the sea!

Shop this look:


I hope you have found inspiration for your summer ready sexy bikini look! Whether you’re bold, simple, or loving retro, there is a sexy bikini for everyone! Let me know what your summer colour palette looks like!

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