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8 Sexual Harassment Examples You Need To Know Before You Start Working

8 Sexual Harassment Examples You Need To Know Before You Start Working

Starting a new job can be scary for a multitude of different reasons. Having to meet new people take on challenges you maybe haven’t had to before and for some people, getting to know a new city. Something important to know about when starting a new job is sexual harassment examples. Sexual harassment examples can come in all forms within a workplace, and sometimes you may not even realise that they’re happening. Sexual harassment examples are something that shouldn’t exist anymore, especially within a workplace environment, but sadly still do. Here are 8 sexual harassment example you need to know before starting work.

1. Derogatory Comments.

Derogatory comments are perhaps one of the more unnoticeable and overlooked sexual harassment examples. Derogatory comments can often be brushed off as a bit of fun between colleagues. But there is a fine line between having a laugh and a joke around with the people you work with and sexual harassment. If what is being said to you makes you feel uncomfortable and the person issuing the comments doesn’t stop or seem to care, then that is one of the sexual harassment examples.

2. Verbal Abuse

Another sexual harassment examples is verbal abuse. If someone is sexually degrading you, or for example, talking about you in a sexually graphic way, then this is also sexual harassment and should not be tolerated.


3. Unnecessary Touching

This is probably the most obvious of the sexual harassment examples. Unnecessary or unwanted touching is a form of sexual harassment that can be seen in some workplaces, for example in the form of patting, rubbing, or even them holding/touching your arm or any other part of your body for an extended period of time. This is not something that you should merely brush off as someone being friendly. If the touching is unwanted then it is not okay.

4. Inappropriate Communication

Inappropriate communication is another one of the sexual harassment examples. Examples of inappropriate communication include; excessive phone calls, letters and emails outside of work hours; inappropriate or unwanted gifts; and other unwanted forms of communication. Now this does not include your boss or colleagues pestering you for a piece of work you should have submitted, but genuine communication that you feel is unwanted by yourself, or makes you feel uneasy.


5. Coercion Of Sexual Activity

Now we know how hard starting a new job can be, you want your boss and coworkers to like you and you really just want to make your mark and d well. However this is where is you’re surrounded by the wrong people this could be bad for you. Another one of the sexual harassment examples is coercion of sexual activity. This is where you can be taken advantage of by being offered rewards or punishments that may impact your career if you refuse to go along with it. It should DEFINITELY not be something to stop you from pursuing your career, you just need to know the signs to prevent it.

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6. Sexist Mannerisms

Sexist mannerisms are another one the sexual harassment examples. A big thing that takes place in some work place environments are things like whistling and catcalling. Now for some people this may not be a big deal and they may feel themselves close enough with the person to laugh it off, but obviously this is not the case for everyone and you should not have to feel like it should be. If something makes you feel uncomfortable it is wrong.

7. Displaying Sexually Suggestive Images

One of the sexual harassment examples that may not occur to everyone to begin with is the displaying of sexually suggestive images. Whether that be on computer screens or display boards, if it is aimed at you or even makes you feel uncomfortable, then it is sexual harassment.


8. Sexual Assault

The most of obvious of the sexual harassment examples is sexual assault. It may seem obvious to some of you but for others, something like being sexually assaulted can cast doubt in their mind as to whether it is or not. But if someone has touched you, come on to you or made you do something you didn’t want to or didn’t like then it’s sexual assault.

Have we highlighted any of these sexual harassment examples to you that you weren’t already aware of? Let us know in the comments below.

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