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10 Sexting Advice That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

10 Sexting Advice That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

Sexting can be a game changer for your relationship.If you are new to this sexting thing then it is very important to know and understand some rules.

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or your partner is out for work, sexting is always a good way to spice things up. It’s like writing a romantic text using a lot of dirty words. When you only have a phone, your imagination can go wild, and girl, please don’t stop it! Nudes are old fashioned; everyone can send nudes- but be careful. There is something more intriguing and sexier in someone that can turn you on by using dirty talks.

I would say that sexting is an art form.

Sexting is not only for ‘hook-up’ calls or new lovers; it can also improve your long-term relationship. And it is not that easy. Here are some tips to read through if you’re looking for a little extra spice in your romantic life.

Send nudes, but be careful

You need to get the right combination of dirty and witty, the pacing has to be right and only when everything is in place can you add a sexy selfie. But again, be aware that someone can hack your partner phone or your partner can just be a dickhead and share these pics around. Remember the iCloud celebrity scandal? Many blamed the victims without realising that naked pics have been around a long time. It is all about being smart.

So, for all of you wondering, when sending nudes DO NOT include your face or ANY features you can be associated with, like tattoos or scars. Of course, if you are in a serious relationship and you trust your partner is inevitable that you will have pictures of each other on your phones.

Now, let’s take it back to our main topic: sexting.

Be creative.

For your sexts to be effective you must be creative. Telling someone you came thinking about them, with all due respect for you and him/her, it’s not creative at all. There needs to be more writing about how it happens and where it happens. Describe the place, were you at work? There is a sort of ‘breaking the rules’ feeling when you are at work or in a public place and start sexting.

Check your grammar

Sexting can get pretty intense; you can find yourself running your fingers to your phone keyboard and hitting the ‘send’ button before proofreading your text. So please, check your text before sending it, there is a big difference between ‘I want to see your hard dick’ and ‘I want to see your hard duck’. I don’t want to have anyone calling me out because I used the sentence ‘hard dick’, we are talking about the art of sexting so using words like ‘member’ or ‘pulsing’ won’t take you anywhere.

Know the right moment

This can be one of the most important rules about sexting: do not send pics or texts if unsolicited. No one wants to receive a random dick pic in the middle of their lunch break and, more importantly, it would make you look like a weirdo. Although this has been said so many times, still some guys are reluctant to get the message.

If someone asks to send the pic!

Yet, if someone asks for a dick pic or a boobs pic send it away! BUT remember who are you sending it to. It is your long-term serious boyfriend asking then send it, however, if he is that guy you met at a drunk party then think about it twice before you hit ‘send’.

Take it slow

Sexting is all about creating the moment in your mind and also creating the same exact picture is your partner’s mind, so you need to take it slow. Begin the conversation making clear that you are up for some fun, but do not reveal too much. It can be something about a dream you had, or a pair of sexy underwear you bought. I don’t find sending pics at first a good way to ‘take it slow’, yet they can be a way to grab his/her attention.

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Know yours and your partner’s comfort zone

Only write and send what you feel comfortable with and think about what feels okay for your partner. Never feel forced to send a pic or write something you don’t want to.

Emoji sex code

Yes, there is an emoji sex code. Some emoji are used to be sexual innuendos that can help set the moment before using any words.

Details and more details

We tend to forget the power that words can have on our minds. Yet, we can cry from a love letter and get horny reading a text. It is all about the details. The more specific you are in describing details the more your partner will be able to visualise what you are fantasising about.

Have fun

Sexting is fun. Remember all this advice and you will have a good time- and a good orgasm.

Do not be ashamed to go all in for the dirty talk, pics or videos. Sexting is about leaving all the rules behind and doing what you feel like.

We want to know if you ever tried sexting and how it went! Loving the gossip, I know. So make sure you comment in the section below.

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