10 Sex Tips To Make You More Confident

Here are sex tips to make you more confident.These sex tips will have you enjoying yourself in no time. Stop stressing at trust these sex tips will help you

Sex in the modern era has changed in many ways; it’s no longer a physical based act for reproduction but instead a release and escape from our everyday stressful lives or simply to cave in to our desires.  However, for some there may be obstacles along the way. Whether it’s how to spice up a boring sex life or new ways to approach how we even view sex. So here’s 10 sex tips to make you more confident.

1. Love your nakedness

Whether you’re someone who lives to look after yourself by working out for the perfect physique, loving your body is the most important step when it comes to sex. If you aren’t comfortable with yourself how are you meant to enjoy being intimate with another or their body? Being self-conscious is a large issue today as we all want those toned tanned bodies to define us as perfect whoever perfection is less physical and more a state of mind. This is probably the most important of the sex tips to make you more confident.

Learn to be healthy mentally for yourself to appreciate who you are and that you are beautiful because there is no ‘perfect’ body because you already are. Additionally, to feel more mentally healthy you can take some multivitamins which can provide you with much needed energy and indirectly feel more positive for yourself which does wonders for your sex drive. Sex is healthy and should never be ignored as we are after all filled with desire to be fulfilled.



2. Making a move firstly

Everyone feels that a man must make the first move however times and sexuality has changed and this is no longer the case. Become bold and be brave, because once the first move has been made, the biggest hurdle of them all then that’s it. Everything becomes so much easier and you’ll probably thank yourself and imagine the confidence it would empower yourself with. It’s not a competition r a race for dominance but instead a challenge set by yourself to show whom you are as a person. This might not seem like one of those sex tips to make you more confident, but it will do the trick.

3. Explore yourself emotionally

Emotions play a huge part of part character and if they aren’t In sync then you can lose sense of yourself. Learn to deal and allows your emotions to take place opens the door to understanding yourself and if you can complete this then you can understand when it comes to sex how to cope with anything. With either a rush a euphoria or complete overwhelming feelings, your emotions can take apart who you are and this can allow you to connect together. This is one of the most important on the list of sex tips to make you more confident.

4. Learn to live without sex in a good way

Sex, although it may be a natural urge doesn’t mean its for everyone. You may not feel ready or enthralled by the act or even just lack confidence in yourself so before you dive in you should build upon this. Living without sex means that you can focus on other things in life which may seem important such as career or a hobby, simple goals which may take up more time than sex. You should never feel guilty if you aren’t inclined to encounter a sexual lifestyle but it either is for you or it isn’t, that the great part of choices in life.

5. Step beyond the barriers of your comfort zone

This can be a tough step as its very hard to break those old habits you may use for every sexual encounter and always stick with what you are comfortable with. However, in order to break this circle you must begin to feel comfortable with what you are about to do, explore different meaning and terms that you may like and learn to see how you may fit into this. If you feel that after some much needed research that you can take the step to try a bold new move or encounter a sexual experience which has become a curiosity then go for it! The only person who is holding yourself back is you, just always remember that you can step back into your comfort zone because when it comes to sex your choices are your own and no one can change this.

6. Focus on touch

Our senses are the most powerful entity we have so we must make the most of them. Touch is important for many reasons as they emit all sort of signals to areas of our body which can let us feel physical contact and in some cases: pleasure. For example if you were to take away a sense, studies have shown that by omitting one we are then focusing on those we have left which in turn enhances them to become more powerful. So next time as part of role play in the bedroom why not trying blind folding yourself or your partner and focus on the sense you have left.

7. Schedule and make time for sex

Whether it’s a quickie during the day or a planned evening with someone special at the end of a long day, scheduling sex can actually prove beneficial. It can keep you enthralled as you build up some tension to the moment or fantasise yourself for the coming time. Either way if you make time for sex it aids not only yourself but the relationship you may be in.  Sex can also be reassuring that you both care and have a deep affection for each other, to keep the spark alike and to connect on both a physical and emotional level with each other.

Obviously, some planned events may seem challenging and you may lose touch or feel inclined to bail but that’s okay because this opens a door of conversation for couples and sexual partners alike, which proves that communicating is very important. So, relax and pull back on the pressures of life but making time for that all important steamy session. It’s no wonder this makes the list of sex tips to make you more confident.

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8. Sexuality begins with self-love

Self-love e.g masturbation can be a topic that various individuals shy away from and cause all forms of embarrassment. However, if people never spoke about it how can we begin to feel comfortable and learn to feel pleasured in life? Sex isn’t always about the connection between two (or more) people but instead can be the main focus on you and your own orgasm. So by focusing on yourself and learning how your body works gives an added bonus to improving your confidence about your body which indirectly can have an effect on your sex life.

9. Dress up to dress down

Invest in that lingerie that you always fantasized of wearing even if its not for another but for yourself. Inspiration comes from all road s with something simple and elegant to those outfits you laugh at and can never even see yourself getting in never mind out of. With plenty of sites to research and choose from you’ll be stuck for choice. As feeling sexy about yourself by dressing up can give you that massive confidence boost you need in the bedroom.


10. Get the setting right

Your bedroom is your boudoir and a safe place where you can explore yourself and feel comfortable to express your sexual desires and encounters. So If you prefer a dim setting them why not invest on some fair lights or a lamp that dims the room and creates a romantic atmosphere. You can also add a feline touch with some light draping which provides a more welcoming set, because after all if you can’t get comfortable then you won’t feel up to or enjoy sex in that environment. It’s the smallest touches that make the biggest differences so splash out and make those little added dashes to your bedroom.

Hopefully these sex tips to make you more confident help you out or give you some creative ideas on how to spice things up in the bedroom.

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