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15 Sex Tips For Girls To Make Your Orgasms Stronger

15 Sex Tips For Girls To Make Your Orgasms Stronger

Sex tips for girls are the most important when it's about strengthening an orgasm and making it easier to achieve. Here are the 15 best tips for an orgasm!

When it comes to having an orgasm, it’s definitely a lot harder for women than it is for men. But, there are many things that can be done to help you achieve the strongest and easiest orgasm. Here are 15 sex tips for girls who are looking to have the best orgasm of their lives!

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1. Lube is your new best friend

Whether you get wet or not, using lube is the best way to get things nice and smooth. The more lubrication there is, the more stimulated you can get.

2. Pay attention to your clitoris

It can’t be said enough. Many women don’t understand that a vaginal orgasm isn’t common for most people. Your clitoris is the main source of your orgasms, so pay attention!!

3. Masturbate to learn your own body

You won’t ever be able to understand what you like (or don’t like) if you don’t try masturbating. This is the easiest way to learn what will make you reach your climax.

4. Kegels can lead to stronger orgasms

Kegels are an exercise you can literally do while reading the rest of this article. By contracting the muscles of your pelvic floor, you are strengthening the right spots to make sex feel the best. Having control over these muscles will scientifically make you have a stronger orgasm.

5. Try “edging”

So, when you’re having sex or masturbating, instead of letting yourself have the orgasm, you completely release any touch from your clitoris. After a brief few seconds of stopping, you or your partner will begin massaging again. You do this for as long as you want and the orgasm will be mind-blowing.

15 Sex Tips For Girls To Make Your Orgasms Stronger

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6. Exercise will increase your libido

It is a proven fact that exercising helps to increase your libido and will get your sex drive up.

7. Apply heat to your vulva

Whether you take a nice warm bath or you apply a hot compress, you are allowing the blood to flow to your vulva, making your orgasm a lot easier to reach.

8. Practice with vibrators/dildos

Just like masturbating, bringing vibrators and dildos into play is a great way to learn what feels the best. Many women have an easier and stronger orgasm when the vibrations are present. You can also use these toys with a partner which will definitely make things a lot steamier.

9. Switch up the position

Try a position that involved stimulation to your clitoris so you aren’t relying on just vaginal stimulation. This will help to get you to that orgasm faster!

10. Cut back on those cocktails

Drinking will actually lessen the chances of you having an orgasm. So, cut back on the drinks if you feel like your sex drive has been dying out lately.

15 Sex Tips For Girls To Make Your Orgasms Stronger

Do you have any other sex tips for girls to have a stronger and better orgasm!? Share in the comments below!

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