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10 Series That Are Bingeworthy

10 Series That Are Bingeworthy

Don't know what series to watch or just getting a bit bored of the ones you've already started? Well look no further, here's a list of ten binge-worthy series!

I’m sure you’re so over scrolling through Netflix and Amazon Video trying to find a binge-worthy television series to watch because let’s be honest, you’re running out of trending programmes that have more than one or two seasons? Or maybe you can’t find anything that tickles your fancy whilst you’re enjoying your many nights of Netflix and probably chilling?

Well, there’s no need to worry because here you’ll find a list of ten binge-worthy series that’ll have at least one that caters to you; whether you’re a drama buff or a sucker for a rom-com.

1. One Tree Hill

Although this series is very Hollywood and some might say a bit far fetched, this is a still a great show that follows the lives of five high school students and their teenage struggles that then later turn into mid-life crisis’s.


Is this painting the series in a bad light? Although they deal with a school shooting and a car crash on a wedding day, the love stories that accompany the juicy storylines really do put you in the feels.

One Tree Hill is a very light-hearted, funny and a binge-worthy series if you like an easy watch!

2. Supernatural

On a darker note, Supernatural is an action-packed story on two brothers who embark on a journey to help people who have supernatural dilemmas whilst dealing with their own family issues along the way.


Not only are the Winchester brothers easy on the eye, which I’m sure you can all agree on, but they portray a brotherly bond that can go through hell and back…quite literally. This is definitely one for everyone unless you’re scared very easily.

As they are still making more of this exciting, creepy but exhilarating binge-worthy series, you won’t have to worry when you’ve completed the lot on Amazon Video because you’ll know it won’t be the last you see of the Winchester brothers and as some would say…their dreamy faces.

3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This is an oldie but a goodie; I say this because the effects could do with a little TLC but nonetheless, the storylines and characters will either have you grabbing at the tissues or on the edge of your seat.


The series is based on Buffy, a teenage girl who is uncontrollably given the responsibility of being her town’s slayer; meaning she has to fend for Sunnydale and protect everyone living there from anything supernatural.

Although the series is based on the demons roaming Buffy’s town, you really do find yourself attached to her and the small circle of close friends she shares her darkest secret with. This drop-kicking drama series is definitely binge-worthy!

4. Grey’s Anatomy

This is one that’s a little different; think Holby City but on a greater level. Its in-depth storylines and one-off plot twists that you didn’t see coming really put everyday hospital dramas to shame (without causing any offence)!


The show is based upon a team of surgical interns; Meredith Grey, the main character, being one of them that starts working at Seattle Grace Hospital and boy, does it get complicated from there.

Sex, heartbreak, surgical discoveries and a few Avery Award’s later and you’ll learn a lot about how to diagnose somebody with a brain tumour and you’ll probably fall in love with each and every character! A binge-worthy series that is still being churned out today.

5. Friends

Well, what else is there to say? Practically one of the greatest comical television series that ever existed! Six friends whose daily lives are very entertaining due to the scriptwriters being geniuses. There are still those mushy moments that’ll create a glistening tear in your eye, but if you’re watching Friends, you’re usually balling your eyes out with laughter!


Love is in the air a lot of the time for these six pals, but ultimately, you’ll be left after each an every episode dying to be in their friendship group! A binge-worthy series that’ll never get old!

6. How To Get Away With Murder

You’re going to want to concentrate on this twisting, addictive series that’ll leave you gobsmacked after every episode! It’s based upon five students who get picked by Annalise Keating, a fantastic criminal defence professor, to teach them the ways of winning every case…

Well, little did they know they’d all be involved in a murder case very close to home. This thrilling binge-worthy series will leave you itching to watch another episode.


7. Gossip Girl

Being honest, most men would refuse to watch this just from the title, and I will agree for this one being more targeted at a female audience unless you like a good bitch fest… However, this series is both seductive and charismatic and it’s a lot different to your typical romantic programme.

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To put it simply, two best friends with a lot of baggage are reunited after one of them has been very absent and what happens now she’s back in the big NYC?


Well, let’s just say arguments, gossip, and sexual desire are what this crazy group of teens face most days. Are you a bit of a rule-breaker? This binge-worthy series really will help you find out.

8. Orphan Black

Orphan Black has to be one of the most cleverly plotted series with insanely great acting from Tatiana Maslany. Playing several different characters which are clones of the original Sarah Manning, these women are all after the same thing; answers.

Where did they come from? How many of them are there?


Watch this mind-boggling binge-worthy series to unravel the dark secrets of an industry who’s number one mission is to use the clones for all the wrong reasons.

9. Bates Motel

This is another one for the dark-hearted. Bates Motel is a prequel to the famous film Psycho; it’s based on Norman Bates and how he became the psychotic, mass-murdering man he later was from having an unhealthy relationship with his mother, Norma.

This chilling tale really does leave you with the question how are they are going to get out of this one? Which is why it’s a binge-worthy watch!


10. Black Mirror

Ending the list on a bang; Black Mirror is a series of unique, futuristic and creative short films that’ll leave you feeling rather uneasy but always wanting more. Every hour-length story in Black Mirror is based upon somebody’s nightmare and always involves new characters and a new plot-line.

As there is nothing quite like the Black Mirror series and you never know what kind of story will be next, this is definitely a binge-worthy programme for someone who’s easily bored!

Are you looking to start any of these binge-worthy series that are mentioned? Or maybe you have some of your own favourites that you reckon people will love? Comment below and you might just get someone hooked!

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