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Selena Gomez… Where Is She Now?

Selena Gomez… Where Is She Now?

Whenever someone hears the name ‘Selena Gomez’ they immediately think of Disney and beauty. She first appeared onto our screens at the age of six in ‘Barney and Friends’ but then planted herself into our hearts at 15 when she was casted the lead role in the hit Disney show ’Wizards Of Waverly Place’ as Alex Russo. Let’s not forget, she’s a multi-platinum recording artist too. Anything else you remember about her? I wouldn’t be surprised if you said no, because even with 144 million followers on Instagram she still single handedly manages not to be spotted in public.

Selena Gomez Live

What You Might Not Know

In 2013 Gomez was diagnosed with Lupus an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissues. This resorted in Selena’s kidney transplant in late 2017. She then was awarded ‘Woman of the Year’, which was presented by Billboard. However, where is she now?Selena Gomez Accepting The Woman Of The Year Award By Billboard


She’s Over The Lies…

You would think with such an astonishing fan base she would be all over our social media and car radios however, not one post. We last heard from the ‘Wolves’ singer back in September of 2018 where she declared and forewarned us of her dramatic break from showbiz. Prior to this in August she had wrapped up an interview with ‘ELLE’ magazine giving us all the long waited gossip on her 2nd upcoming studio album ‘SG2’, before taking to social media to explain how saddened she was to hear such information she had shared privately had being leaked over the internet. Wouldn’t you not want to take a break? The media has always been on Gomez’s back like a rash that won’t go. From the roles she plays in movies to her on/off again relationship with ex Justin Bieber, who wouldn’t be distraught?

Selena On The Cover Of ELLE Magazine 2018

Bi*ch Is Back!

The 25 year old singer/actress had a wild ride of a year in 2018, just before christmas photographers shared recent photos of Sel on a hike with friends looking as healthy and smiley as ever, looking back to her normal self. Gomez has just recently returned back to social media in 2019 sharing with fans that she has been working on some projects and she introduced us with her new PUMA line.


Selena Gomez PUMA Photoshoot

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Sel’s Waiting For The Right Moment!

Sel has also struggled a lot with anxiety and depression and we all got to hear how she really felt in her latest single she was featured on the track with bestie Julia Michaels ‘Anxiety.’ The meaning of the song is truly remarkable as they both sing to the world, ‘yeah we have anxiety but fu*k it.’ We are all with you on that! Selena’s always been a voice not just for her fans but for everyone. Sel’s upcoming single with Benny Blanco, J Balvin and Tainy was released February 28th and we all couldn’t wait for new Selena music. I did some research into her upcoming album, ‘SG2’, and her lead single is expecting to be released in late March and Gomez has worked with Leleand, Stargate, Ryan Tedder, Murda Beatz and more. With an album release date of July followed by a world tour in 2020. If I were you I would be saving now.

Selena Gomez And Julia Michaels

All we can say is we hope Selena has taken the time she needed in order to come back as strong as ever and take her crown as the queen of pop. We wait for her return back into the spotlight in the near future and we are all gasping for that blackout on social media so we know the new era is upon us. However, in the meantime, what we will say is… welcome back Selena.

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