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10 Secret Things To Do In Canterbury, UK To Make Your Holiday Even Better

10 Secret Things To Do In Canterbury, UK To Make Your Holiday Even Better

10 Secret Spots In Canterbury Totally Worth Checking Out

Known mainly for it’s very famous Cathedral, Canterbury is a small city in the south of England that you should not miss (It’s only an hour by train from London). So, if you are planning your next holiday in the UK don’t pass on the opportunity of visiting this charming little city, and if we haven’t convinced you already, here are 10 things, known mainly by the locals, that you should experience when visiting.

Have a drink in the roaring 20s at Bramleys

If you are over 18, this is a place you cannot miss. Hidden in one of Canterbury’s side streets is a little door, that opens up in a 1920s themed cocktail bar. Where the atmosphere is out of this world and the drinks are divine.

Have chocolate themed everything at Chocolate Café

If drinking is not for you, then maybe chocolate is. Right in the middle of the city centre sits Chocolate Café, where pretty much everything on the menu is, well, chocolate themed. From milkshakes and coffees, to cakes, strawberries and even sandwiches everything has a little hint of chocolate. But, don’t worry I am sure you can ask it without if you are not in the mood for chocolate.


Do your own little walking tour of the most important passages of Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”

It is not a secret that one of the English great classics is set in Canterbury. So, if you are a fan of Chaucer’s novel “Canterbury Tales” or if you are just curious, why not do your own little tour of the city with the book in mind. You can hit the pubs that have taken the names of the characters from the book and even take a picture with the statue of Chaucer on the High Street, but mainly you should visit the Cathedral which marked the final destination of the pilgrims in the novel.

Sing in front of a live audience or dance your heart out at The Ballroom

Right next door to Bramleys is The Ballroom, a small club with a very classic posh look to it. On Fridays and Saturdays, The Ballroom opens its doors to all the party people out there who want to spend a fun night dancing and drinking wonderful cocktails. However, if that is not for you during the week, its door remain open for everyone who wants to enjoy live music and sip a drink on one of the leather sofas (Wednesdays are open mic nights, so if you are feeling brave or want to sing in front of an audience this is your chance).

Take a river tour of the city

This is not as much of a secret as the rest of them as it is publicized all over the city centre. However, taking a river tour of the city is not just interesting and exciting but also a very unique way of learning more about Canterbury.


Have a boogie on a Glitterbomb Tuesday at Tokyo Tea Rooms

So, if you didn’t know what Glitterbomb is, it’s a club event for the LGBT+ community. It is loads of fun, with Drag Queens doing lip singing and Bombshells dancing on the stage all night. It happens every Tuesday night and I think everyone should go at least once in their life, because it’s just incredibly unreal and so cool.

Go clubbing in the old public toilets

This is probably one of the most iconic secret things to do on the list. What once used to be underground public toilets have now become Privy, an art décor-inspired cocktail bar. The club has a speakeasy-style and its perfect for an unusual night out in an incredibly Instagram worthy place.

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Eat on a pretty terrace overlooking the river at the Old Brewery Pub

One of the oldest pubs in Canterbury holds the most perfect little terrace overlooking the river. At the Old Brewery Pub, the food is great and the ambiance even better. Inside its your typical pub, whereas outside, on a nice sunny day, it feels like you are eating in a lovely vineyard.

Sink in the artistic side of Canterbury at Beaney House of Art and Knowledge

If a museum is what you are looking for, head to the main street and stop looking. Here is the site of the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, a free-entry museum that is set to blow your mind. Perfect for both children and adults the Beaney is constantly having new and exciting exhibitions for all ages.

Go watch a show at the Marlowe Theatre

Lastly, but not for importance, you should go watch a show at the Marlowe Theatre. The prices here are a lot cheaper than any theatre house in London but the shows are the same. So, have a look on their web page and discover what is showing when you next intend to visit.


So, are you set to come to Canterbury anytime soon now? Comment down below which one of these activities you would do on your next visit, we want to know!

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