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10 Secret Spots In Teignmouth Totally Worth Checking Out

10 Secret Spots In Teignmouth Totally Worth Checking Out


Teignmouth, Devon. It’s a small, sleepy town which has a large percentage of people who are of retirement age (it really is the place where people keep their holiday homes and move there when they get bored of city life.  Here are the ten best places to discover in this little Devon heaven:

1. Sprey Point

This is the best place for all walkers, runners, dog-walkers, tourists, and locals alike. A 10 minute walk along the sea wall beside the train track leads to a huge sign reminding you of just where you are. If you take a peek at the picture below, you might just be able to see me!

2. The Back Beach

This is a local’s hotspot in Teignmouth. Placed right by the docks, there’s a (almost scary) number of pubs which can cater to you. The back beach is also a great place for paddling away from all of the tourists on the front beach, and mum and dad can enjoy a pint too!  There’s even a local music festival there in the summer!


3. The Crab Shack

This is right next to the back beach and has won more awards than I can count. It’s booked out most of the time but is known for it’s locally caught seafood and (no surprises here) the crab. They do everything from huge meals to gourmet sandwiches, so there really is something for everyone.


4. The Teignmouth-Shaldon ferry

Starting in 1296, this ferry service really does date back. It’s a fun way to get from one seaside town to another quickly but while looking at the fish over the side and with the wind in your hair. Plus, the only bridge is a good 25 minutes’ walk away, so really is your quickest option too.

5. Mules Park

This is just above the railway and is really hidden from anyone who knows it’s there. With the occasional dog-walker, this green haven is almost always empty. Perfect for people who want to spot the bunny rabbits, squirrels, and birds, it’s a tranquil place just 3 minutes away from the town centre.

6. The Point

The beach spans all the way around Teignmouth, so why not go to its peak to enjoy it while having the best view of the rest of the town. You’re also as close to Shaldon as you can get without getting the ferry!


7. The ice cream cones

Did you really go to the beach on a sunny day if you didn’t get a My. Whippy with a flake? I know it’s a must for me, anyway. But if you are going to get ice cream, what better place to get it than from a place that looks like an ice cream cone? Placed all along the seafront, there really is no excuse not to treat yourself.

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8. Holcombe

Remember Sprey Point? If you walk beyond that for another 10 minutes you’ll reach the farthest point you can go on foot before the tunnel for the railway begins. Taking you far our of Teignmouth, this is perfect for a lunchtime stroll or romantic amble.

9. Smuggler’s beach

Okay, so this one is in Shaldon, not Teignmouth. But it’s close enough! Smuggler’s beach is exactly what it says it is: it’s where we used to smuggle all of our goods in times gone by. You have to walk straight through the middle of the Ness which is the affectionate name for our cliff. Then you’re there! A secluded beach, steeped in history.


10. The lighthouse

Would any seaside town really be complete without one? It’s tiny in comparison to some, but it’s comforting to know that through history and to this day the incoming ships into the busy port have guidance to stay safe through the night.


So next time you visit the sleepy county of Devon make sure you check out the spots for the locals, they tend to be more special! Do you know any more special spots in Teignmouth? Let us know below!

Featured image: personal photo