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10 Secret Spots In Clapham Totally Worth Checking Out

10 Secret Spots In Clapham Totally Worth Checking Out

Check out these secret spots in Clapham for an unforgettable advernture! These activies are perfect for any casual occasion!

There is absolutely no doubt that Clapham in South London is a very up and coming area popular with young people and even at times the occasional celebrity. It is situated far enough from central London to feel as if you are escaping the heaving city centre while still maintaining its charm and Friday evening buzz. Clapham is well known for its many lively bars, trendy cafés and delicious brunch spots, but there are still a handful of amazing places which have been undiscovered by the usual Clapham crowds. From the subterranean wartime tunnels to a bar concealed behind a bookcase, Clapham is bursting with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Here are our 10 favourite secret spots in Clapham totally worth checking out this summer.

1. Clapham South’s Wartime Tunnels.

If you live in or around the Clapham area, you might have noticed the giant concrete cylinder on Clapham common and mistaken it for some sort of run down water tower. It’s actually the entrance to one of 8 deep-level shelters around London that gave refuge and shelter to Londoners during the Second World War. Clapham South’s wartime tunnels have over a mile of subterranean passageways that were once filled with bunk beds, many of which are still in place. As well as the haunting bunk beds, there are still many signs along the passageways and hand-written notes along the walls which are a fascinating reminder of those awful warfare days. So, if you’re a history enthusiast, head to the London Transport Museum website to book a 75 minute tour of the shelter.

2.Metro Clapham Terrace.

As described by Charles Campion of the Evening Standard, the gardens at Metro is “one of Clapham’s best kept secrets” and definitely the sparkling gem of this splendid dining spot. At the rustic Metro gardens you can enjoy al fresco dining under their twinkling lights while sipping on a glass of cava. Believe me, you’ll feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of London.


3.Clapham Picturehouse.

If you are looking for a secret spots in Clapham, a cosy cinema to enjoy the latest best film release, look no further than Clapham Picturehouse. Streaming a mixture of mainstream and independent films, Clapham Picturehouse has a film for everyone to enjoy. It is a much smaller cinema than your typical Cineworld which means that the atmosphere is intimate and snug, plus there are reclining chairs which is a massive bonus!

4.Battersea Flower Station.

Battersea Flower Station isn’t your typical flower shop. Based in the heart of Clapham Junction, this gorgeous garden centre and florist is a truly magical space if you are looking for somewhere to go for an afternoon out or even if you need a cute backdrop for a new Insta pic.

5.Venn Street Market.

Venn Street Market is one the more popular secret spots in Clapham. This is a buzzing food market open every Saturday in the heart of Clapham from 10am-4pm. The market has a huge range of fresh produce, such as fish, cheese and meats, as well as stools which sell freshly made street food and baked goods. This market is a true gem which you definitely do not want to miss out on!


6.Fu Manchu Bar.

Located under the Clapham arches, this late-night dim sum and cocktail bar is a great place to visit one evening if you are in the area. Fu Manchu has a great sound system and usually plays upbeat house music, which must be good as it is always buzzing on a Friday or Saturday night! So if you want a night out to enjoy delicious food, drink and a great atmosphere, head down to Fu Manchu.

7.The Breakfast Club.

If you love brunching, you will LOVE The Breakfast Club. Located on Battersea Rise, this breakfast spot is a great place to meet with friends in the morning and enjoy a gossip over a huge stack of pancakes. They have a huge range of choices on their extensive menu and will definitely have something to tickle everyone’s fancy.

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8.Plonk Crazy Golf.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled evening out, head down to The Four Thieves in Clapham Junction where you will find the UV hyper-coloured world of Plonk Crazy Golf. When you’re done with the mini golf course, you can try out some of their retro arcade games or remote controlled racing which is such great fun. It will definitely be a hilarious and unforgettable night!

9.Clapham Omnibus.

If you prefer to indulge in a more cultural activity and expand your horizons, here is another one of the secret spots in Clapham! Why not pay Clapham Omnibus a visit. The Omnibus is a multi-award winning theatre which offers an extensive artistic programme including new and emerging artists which is super cool. All their performances are really affordable for the quality of the show, so this is definitely a great place to check out if you are looking for somewhere new to explore in Clapham.

10.Clapham Comedy Carnival.

Another great place to explore if you are into arts and performance is the Comedy Carnival in Clapham. The comedy club runs every Saturday from 8pm to 10pm in Clapham’s Infernos nightclub and is an absolutely hilarious comedy night out if you are looking for a good laugh. You can also stay in Infernos after the show is over which a very cheesy club but great after you’ve had a few drinks!


So if you are ever stuck for things to do in Clapham, those are out 10 favourite secret spots in Clapham that are totally worth checking out! What are your favourite places to visit in Clapham? Let us know in the comments below!


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